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Edwards's catalogue of a select collection of ancient and modern books, in every branch of science, valuable drawings and prints, painted from the antique; Including the choicest Part of the Libraries of Monsignor Salichetti of Rome, late Physician to the Pope; of Cav. Zanetti of Venice; and an Assortment of the rarest and most esteemed Articles, collected in various Parts of Europe. Zanetti's Orig. Drawings of Ant. Stat. 2 v. Books of finely colour'd Drawings from Herculaneum, the Baths of Titus, and the Vatican, &c. Capital Drawings of Birds by G. di Udino, a scholar of Raphael Lewin's Paintings of English Birds, on vel. Albert Durer's Engravings complete Vernet's Prints, first impressions Piranesi's Works complete, 16 vol. russia Gallerie de Dresde Luxemburg Gallery, first impression Museum Florentinum, 13 vol. russia Museum Clementinum, 3 vol. russia Sir W. Hamilton's Views of Naples, col. Sir W. Hamilton's Etruscan Antiq. col. Antiquities of Herculancum, royal edition Worlidge's Gems, fine impressions Houbraken's Heads, large paper, 1st impr. Hogarth's Works, old impressions, morocco The Old French School of Engravers, 14 v. Tewrdancks, 1517, printed on vel. & illum. Telemaque, grand papier, 1734 Voyages Pittoresq. D'italie, Grece, France, Sicile & Suisse, 21 vol. Superb Manuscripts of the Classics on vel. Alcoran, folio MS. with rich illuminations Decamerone di Boccacio, 1527, pr. on vel. Campbell's Vitruvins Britannicus, 5 vol. Sir W. Dugdale's Works Chronicles by Froissart, Holinshed, &c. Rapin & Tindal, russia Historiae Byzantinae Scriptores, edit. ptima Rymeri Foedera Dc Bry Navigationes in Indias Gesneri Numismata Montfaucon Mon. Francoise, 5 tom. gr. p. - Antiq. & Sup. 15 tom. gr. pa. Lancelot du Lac, Cirongilio di Francia, Primaleon y Polendos, Olivante de Macedonia, Amadis di Gaula, Guerino il Meschino, &c. Edmondson's Baronagium Anglicanum, 6 v Physique Sacre, 8 vol. morocco Winkelman Monumenta Inedita, 2 vol. Ariosto Orlando Furioso, carta mass. Biblia Sacra Mogunt. 1462, pr on vel. with il. Boccacio II Decamerone, ediz. prima Petrarca, 1472 Decor Puellarum, 1461 Psalterium, Gr. & Lat. 1481. edit. primae Juvenal, 1470, edit. princeps Florus, edit. princeps Manilius, 1474, edit. princeps Sallustius, edit. princeps Terentius, edit. princeps C. Nepos, 1471, edit. princeps Hist. Augustae Scriptores, 1475, edit. prin. Plautus, 1472, edit. princeps Rei Rusticae Scriptores, 1472, edit. prin. Solinus, 1473, edit. princeps V. Flaccus, 1474, edit. princeps Celsus, 1478, edit. princeps Astronomi Veteres, edit. princeps Lascaris Grammatica Graeca, 1480 Anthologia Graeca, 1494, edit. princeps Apoll. Rhodius, 1496, edit princeps Caefar a Clark, morocco Lucretius, charta max. 1712 Lactantius, 1468, morocco Doleti Comment. Ling. Lat. 2 vol. Delphin Classics complete Catullus, &c. Vulpii, charta max. 6 vol. Periera Antoniana Margarita Eustatius in Homerum, 4 vol. russ. Marchi Architettura Militare Atlas de D'anville Jacquin's Drawings of American Plants, Hortus Vindobonensis, &c. Buffon's Birds, coloured, 10 vol. Merian's Surinam, coloured Petiver's Works Lister's Shells Sloane's Jamaica Various Bibles, with fine cuts Cook's Voyages complete, first edition Voyages de Chardin, Nieburh, Sonderat, de la Valle, &c. Booke called Caton, Caxton, 1483 Pylgremage of the Soule, Caxton, 1483 Parliamentary Debates complete, 120 vol. Gentleman's Magazine, 66 vol. complete Monthly Review, complete The whole are in fine Condition, and many of them in elegant Bindings. They are now on Sale, 1790, (at the Prices printed in the Catologue, and marked in the First Leaf of every Book) At Edwards's, No. 102, Pall-Mall, London. - The full Value for Libraries. - Books exchanged and Libraries valued.

  • Edwards, James, 1756-1816.
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[London : s.n., 1790]

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