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Experiment Photographs. Volume II

  • Vane, Sir John, FRS (1927-2004), Pharmacologist
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Vane, Sir John Robert (1927-2004)
  • Archives and manuscripts

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File contains paper copies of photographs of experiment results, copies of photographs of diagrams and copies of photographs of figures. They were originally bound together in one volume with section dividers which attributed each set of photographs to a particular person or subject. The copies are undated but almost all come with a reference number. Photograph copies include the following:

Photographs associated with unnamed person (tab missing). Numbers: 13/37/A-B, X24/3/936-938, X34/16/1776-1777, X38/22/2048-2053, X38/25/2059-2060, X39/41/2161-2162, X40/39/2275, 40/52/1, X40/52/2277, X46/6/2662-2663, X46/46/2702-2703, X38/22/2871-2874, X50/51/2950, X46/6/3517, X50/57/2949-2950, X50/77/2956-2957, X50/83/2959, 51/48/1-2, X58/15/3519, 55/72/1-3, X63/81/3934, 64/69/1, X65/27/4102, X76/80/4977, X78/43/5082-5083, X84/15/5534-5535, X85/69/5696, and X85/81/5705.

Photographs associated with unnamed person (tab missing). Numbers: X53/42/2077, X46/29/2691, X46/35/2697, X46/46/2700-2701, X46/84/2720, X46/84/2727-2728, 50/52/2937-2941, X50/53/2943, X50/56/2948, X50/58/2951, X50/59/2952, 50/62/1-2, X50/79/2958, X51/2/2965-2969, 51/58/1-4, 51/59/1, X53/42/3076-3078.

Photographs associated with teaching. Numbers: X11/5/61-63, 11/89/140, 13/37/C, X18/88/572-574, X22/67/776-784, X24/60/983-984, X24/60/986-988, X27/82/1324-1332, X30/78/1553, X60/92/3680-1684, X60/92/3685-3690, X78/31/5028, and X78/31/5079-5080.

Photographs associated with unnamed person (tab missing). Numbers: X38/88/2098, X38/88/2145, X39/41/2161, X39/41/2164, X40/3/2242, X42/78/2463, X42/78/2467, X43/10/2481, X43/23/2483, X43/44/2525, X44/67/2596, X45/2/2613, X45/29/2619-1620, X47/66/2758-2766, X48/56/2820-2823, X48/67/2829, X49/22/9875-9876, 49/70/2890-2891, X49/85/2913, X50/52/2931-2936, X50/53/2942, X50/54/2944-2945, X50/55/2946, X50/60/2953-2954, 51/16/1-4, X51/92/3010-3014, X52/29/3032, X52/30/3033-3034, 60/52/1.< /p>

Photographs associated with unnamed person (tab missing). Numbers: X38/24/2058, 40/37/2274, and 44/67/1-2.

Photographs associated with Ferreira. Numbers: X31/73/1598-1608, X31/2/1615-1617, 34/28/1, X34/28/1778,

X34/82/1828-1829, X35/73/1901, X36/34/1933-1934, X36/34/1936, X39/41/2163, X39/41/2165, X39/63/2173-2177, X39/65/2180-2181, 42/74/A-B, X42/78/2460-2462, X42/78/2464-2466, X42/78/2468-2470, 42/79/1, X44/18/2538, X44/73/2597, X46/35/2697, X84/15/5536-5538, and 60/57/3674.

Photographs associated with Hidge & Lowe. Numbers: X25/41/1126-1133, X27/60/1321-1322, X28/54/1405-1406, and X30/12/1494-1496.

Photographs associated with Mikos. Numbers: 30/98/1863-1867

Photographs associated with unnamed person (tab missing). Numbers: X27/95/1346-1351, X28/30/1370, 42/14/1, and X43/85/2531-2534.

Photographs associated with Hughes. Numbers: 18/87/A-E, 18/87/G-K, X18/87/546-552, X18/87/564-566, 19/96/A-E, X19/96/585-589, and X23/40/877.

Photographs associated with Janka. Numbers: 25/16/A-C, 25/16/1060-1062, 39/55/1, and 40/38/1-2.

Photographs associated with Handschumacher. Numbers: 12/55/1-2, X19/55/164-176, 34/29/1-2, X35/3/1836-1837.

Photographs associated with unnamed person (tab missing). Numbers: 11/91/A-E, and 40/22/1.

Photographs associated with Smith. Numbers: X19/92/192-196, 24/66/A, X27/60/1317-1320.

Photographs associated with "Old (JRV)". Numbers; X19/84/199-204, X19/86/213, and X19/86/226-229; stomach reflexes, X12/91/197, and X12/92/197; screening of gut sensitivity, no photographs; stimulated stomach (2), X12/90/179-181, and X12/90/183-191; unnamed section, X19/55/177, and 12/14/A; unnamed section, X12/85/205-212, X12/81/230-234, X12/80/273-280, and X19/80/284; various blood [illegible] organs; no photographs.



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