BMA world tour. Part 7.

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British Medical Association Round the World Tour and Annual Meeting at Melbourne. 1935


This amateur film, which has been edited semi-professionally with additional intertitles and maps to orientate the viewer, consists of footage of the homeward journey by the party. The first stop is the island of Malta. Local boys offer to dive for money. The ship is met by boats shaped like gondolas. The ship goes onto Gibraltar. There are views of the war memorial and the docks. Troops are on the parade ground. The rock of Gibraltar is seen and a Moorish Castle. A number of people with linked arms stroll to the camera on deck of the ship before the travel book is closed and the lettering on the journal regarding Pickfords travel services commends itself to the viewer. A charming touch is the travel journal being closed.


UK, c.1935.

Physical description

1 film reel (07:05 min.) : silent, black and white
The film is turning acetic and is stored in fridge B.

Copyright note

Copyright previously held by British Medical Association and assigned to Wellcome in 2005


This film forms part of a group of films donated to the Wellcome Trust in 2006 by The British Medical Association.
This series of films (there are 6 in the collection) relate to the British Medical Association's Round the World Tour and Annual Meeting in Melbourne, 1935. The journey is also captured in a diary kept by Mrs. Katherine Harman which was acquired separately by the library (MS.7394) . The party travelled in style with the travel services arranged by Pickfords going by ship from Southampton to New York; across the USA via Washington, Chicago, Albuquerque, the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles to San Francisco; by ship to Hawaii, Fiji, Auckland (an excursion here to the Rotorua geothermal sites) and Sydney; by train to Melbourne and Canberra; by ship once more from Sydney to Brisbane, Macassar, Bali, Java (visiting Surabaya, Borobudur and Batavia (Djakarta)) and Singapore; by train to Kuala Lumpur and Penang; by sea again to Colombo, Bombay, Aden, Suez, Malta and Marseille; finally by train and ferry back to London.

Creator/production credits

The end credits state that "This film has been edited by Messrs Kodak Ltd with the kind co-operation of the British Medical Associaton and Messrs. Pickfords Travel Service".



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