• Malta: view of a port. Etching by A. Benoist after J. Goupy, c. 1725.
  • World War One: wagons for disembarkation in Malta. Photograph, 1914/1918.
  • Members and staff of the Mediterranean Fever Commission. Photograph, ca. 1904-1907.
  • Malta: Royal Naval Hospital or Bighi Hospital, with sailors dancing on the shore. Coloured pen and ink drawing by J. Parker, 1843, after C.F. de Brocktorff, ca. 1819 (?).
  • Saint Paul: he is shipwrecked on Malta. Engraving, 1794, by B.T. Pouncy after P.J. Loutherbourg.
  • Appeal for funds : at the request of the Serbian government the London committees are providing two new field hospitals & a motor transport section to accompany the Serbian division in Russia / London Units of the Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service (National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.)
  • Marsa, Malta: view of the island and surroundings. Etching by A. Benoist after J. Goupy, c. 1725.
  • Malta: view of Grand Harbour and buildings along Barriera wharf towards Fort Lascaris and Upper Barrakka. Photograph by H. Agius, c. 1881.
  • Saint Paul: his shipwreck on Malta. Engraving by M. Vandergucht after G. Freman.
  • World War One: injured soldiers disembarking in Malta. Photograph, 1914/1918.