Lectures, Speeches and Seminar Papers, Notes, Typescripts, and Correspondence, 1969

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Williams, Cicely Delphine (1893-1992)
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K.28 "Prevention of malnutrition", radio broadcast, Jamaica, 10 Jan 1969
K.29 "Social and scientific development of malnutrition. Blocks to practical application", University of the West Indies, 20 Jan 1969
K.30 "Child nutrition programmes", University of the West Indies, Feb 1969
K.31 "Combatting malnutrition", Kingston, Jamaica, 10 Mar 1969
K.32 "Primitive paediatrics", King's College Hospital, London, 1 Apr 1969
K.33 "Training and personnel", London, 20 May 1969
K.34 "Primitive paediatrics", Birmingham Medical Women's Federation, 22 May 1969
K.35 "Enthusiasm costs nothing", Seminar on Child Health in Developing Countries, Institute of Child Health, University of London, Jul 1969
K.36 "The importance of maternal and child health services", based on a seminar at the University of Maryland, 6 Oct 1969



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