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Plague apparatus from a lazaretto in Venice: an oil cloth mask with a bronze beak and a terracotta model of a foot and leg. Photograph.

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A lazaretto is a hospital for the quarantine and treatment of contagious diseases

Physical description

1 photograph : photoprint, albumen ; sheet 17.5 x 20.2


M. Bib. Marciana Venezia. Cerurgia cauteriurum, secundum Rugerium, Brunum et Rolandum. Membranaceo del sec. XIV. Pag 22 recto

Publications note

Jonathan Ferguson, 'Beaky blinders: in search of the plague doctor', Fortean times, 1 June 2020, pp. 34-41


Wellcome Library no. 34777i

Lettering note

Lettering hand-written in black ink on verso. Lettering on verso continues in pencil, probably written at a later date: "1. Mask of oil cloth with bronze beak used at the time of plague (see description and fig in Muratori's work on plague) from Lazaretto of Venice. Then taken to Rome and placed in Museum of Hygiene from which it has disappeared"



  • Italian


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