Graphics and text in the production of technical knowledge in China : the warp and the weft / edited by Francesca Bray, Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann, Georges Métailié.

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Leiden : Brill, 2007.

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xiii, 772 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 25 cm.


Introduction: The powers of 'tu' / Francesca Bray -- La représentation visuelle dans les pratiques pyro-ostéo-mantiques dans la Chine archaïque / Olivier Venture -- Placed into the right position : etymological notes on 'tu' and congeners / Wolfgang Behr -- Time, space and orientation : figurative representations of the sexagenary cycle in ancient and medieval China / Marc Kalinowski -- Communication by design : two silk manuscripts of diagrams (tu) from Mawangdui Tomb Three / Donald Harper -- Picturing or diagramming the universe / Wu Hung -- Mapless mapping : did the maps of the Shan hai jing ever exist? / Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann -- The tables (biao) in Sima Qian's Shi ji : rhetoric and remembrance / Griet Vankeerberghen -- The Avatamsaka-sûtra as a 'bodhi mandala text' / Hermann-Josef Röllicke -- Diagrams as an architecture by means of words : the Yanji tu / Michael Lackner -- Imagining practice : sense and sensuality in early Chinese medical illustration / Vivienne Lo -- Geometrical diagrams in traditional Chinese mathematics / Alexei Volkov -- Woodcut illustration : a general outline / Michela Bussotti -- The representation of plants : engravings and paintings / Georges Métailié -- Agricultural illustrations : blueprint or icon? / Francesca Bray -- 'Like obtaining a great treasure' : the illustrations in Song Yingxing's The Exploitation of the Works of Nature / Peter J. Golas -- Song Yingxing's illustrations of iron production / Donald B. Wagner -- The body revealed : the contribution of forensic medicine to knowledge and representation of the skeleton in China / Catherine Despeux -- New maps for the modernizing state : western cartographic knowledge and its application in 19th and 20th century China / Iwo Amelung.

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