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Material formerly held in the Western Manuscripts Department's Autograph Letters Sequence.



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71 items

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Purchased from: Charavay, Paris, March 1928 (acc.67375) and October 1928 / April 1929 (acc.63700); Bligh, London, December 1928 (acc.51479); an unknown vendor, Paris, April 1930 (acc.67391); Stevens, London, January 1929 (acc.74959), July 1930 (acc.56545), September 1930 (acc.56576) and March 1931 (acc.56471, 56478 and 68130); Puttick and Simpson, May 1930 (acc.62824); Sotheby's, London, February 1931 (acc.56320), July 1931 (acc.57468), December 1932 (acc.67553) and May 1934 (acc.62777); Glendining, London, December 1931 (acc.67596-67597), September 1932 (acc.67637 and 67716), October 1933 (acc.67801), December 1933 (acc.67818), August 1934 (acc.67833 and 67911) and May 1935 (acc.68609); Desgranges, Paris, October 1935 (acc.69099); Mrs. Watson, Burnley, March 1945 (acc.72200), presumably once part of the Thomas Madden Stone autograph collection; J.L.M. Gulley, London, April 1999 (acc.351163) and August 1999 (acc. 351267). Provenance details of nos.26, 45, 62-63, 70 not recorded (acc.67430). Nos.13-15 presented in 1966, donor not recorded (acc.312614). No.28 found in a copy of William Aldren Turner's book on Epilepsy (1910), original source not noted. Nos.42 and 58 transferred from Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, c.1939 (acc.91800), previous provenance not known (no.58 probably acquired c.1910, acc.24749). No accession details of nos.5-7, 57, 64-66 recorded.

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Database description transcribed from Richard Aspin and Christopher Hilton's typescript supplement to S.A.J Moorat's Catalogue of Western Manuscripts.


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