Headline news, science views / edited by David Jarmul ; National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, National Research Council.

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Washington, D.C. : National Academy Press, 1991.

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xiv, 238 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm


Includes index.


Getting the facts straight about science / Bill Cosby -- Who killed Yankee ingenuity? / Steven L. Goldman -- On an antidote for science phobia / Ben Patrusky -- Physics for poets, science for society / Leon M. Lederman -- Making sense of a risk-filled world / John Ahearne -- Making the link between science and politics / Thomas H. Kean -- Making our school buses safer / Charley V. Wootan -- A computer future without a heart / Samuel H. Fuller and Damian M. Saccocio -- Toward motoring smart / Robert D. Ervin and Kan Chen -- Easing the crunch at our airports / Joseph M. Sussman -- Protecting our phones from terrorism / John C. McDonald -- The new arsenal of democracy / Robert B. Kurtz -- Building houses people can afford / Ezra Ehrenkrantz.
Designing for an aging America / Sara J. Czaja -- Preparing for the next big natural disaster / Richard E. Hallgren -- Our $1.5 trillion investment / Robert F. Jortberg -- Tough choices about rising sea level / Robert G. Dean -- Uncertainty and the greenhouse effect / Robert M. White -- Saving sea turtles / John J. Magnuson -- Who owns Antarctica? / Hugh Downs -- Genetically engineered organisms : monsters or miracles? / Nina Fedoroff -- Rethinking radioactive waste disposal / Frank L. Parker -- Toward a sustainable agriculture / John Pesek -- The paradox of pesticides / Michael R. Taylor and Charles M. Benbrook -- Agriculture and water quality / Jan van Schilfgaarde -- Exploring the mysteries of "deep ecology" / James D. Nations.
Food and health / Arno G. Motulsky -- The spitting image : baseball players and chewing tobacco / John C. Greene -- Clearing our vision about alcohol abuse / Robert D. Sparks -- Needless infertility / Howard W. Jones, Jr., Roger J. Bulger -- Accidents are not always accidental / Susan S. Gallagher -- Changing behavior to limit the spread of AIDS / Heather Miller and Marshall Becker -- The dilemma of AIDS drug experiments / Robin Weiss and Theodore Cooper -- Identifying what works in medicine / Samuel O. Thier -- Confronting the facts in American race relations / Gerald David Jaynes and Robin M. Williams, Jr. -- Homeless children : an emerging tragedy / Ellen L. Bassuk -- The gender wage gap / Robert T. Michael.
Child care in disarray / John L. Palmer -- Effective drug treatment / Lawrence S. Lewin and Dean R. Gerstein -- Making sense of statistics in the courtroom / Stephen E. Feinberg and Miron L. Straf -- The economies of reality / Richard H. Thaler -- Knowing about trees / John C. Gordon -- Together to Mars - but with deliberation / Eugene H. Levy -- The less-noticed worldwide revolution / Peter H. Raven -- Searching for buried treasure / Charles A. Bookman -- The energy crisis beyond the Persian Gulf / David L. Morrison -- The challenge to human uniqueness / Herbert A. Simon -- Making a map of the human chromosomes / Bruce M. Alberts -- Developing new contraception options / Luigi Mastroianni, Jr. -- Farewell to the night sky / David L. Crawford -- Setting our science priorities in order / Frank Press -- Getting even in international technology / H. Guyford Stever -- The growing international competition for brain power / Peter W. Likins -- Industrial cooperation in Japan: it's not what we think /


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