Gwen Prout stamp collection vol.29 Nobel Prize Chemistry 1938-1960

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The volume comprises a collection of stamps, first day covers, biographies and press cuttings about various winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded between 1938 and 1960. Some of the items come with annotations and captions made by Gwen Prout. The stamps come from all over the world covering Europe, North America, South America and Africa.

The volume covers the following Nobel Prize winners:

1938: Richard Kuhn

1939: Adolf Butenandt and Leopold Ruzicka

1943: George de Hevesy

1944: Otto Hahn

1945: Artturi Ilmari Virtanen

1946: James B. Sumner, John Howard Northrop and Wendell Meredith Stanley

1947: Sir Robert Robinson

1948: Arne Tiselius

1949: William Giauque

1950: Otto Diels and Kurt Alder

1951: Edwin Mattison McMillan and Glenn Theodore Seaborg

1952: Archer Martin and Richard Laurence Millington Synge

1953: Hermann Staudinger

1954: Linus Pauling

1955: Vincent du Vigneaud

1956: Sir Cyril Norman Hinshelwood and Nikolay Semyonov

1957: Lord Alexander R. Todd

1958: Frederick Sanger

1959: Jaroslav Heyrovský

1960: William Libby

The volume also contains items relating to Fritz Strassman, Lise Meitner and the Max Planck Society



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