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The report of the Secretaries for the session 1862-1863 was the first printed and published Annual Report of the Society.

The Annual Reports comprise a report on the previous session with lists of office bearers and members* for the current session. Dating in the list that follows is based on the year of the Annual Report, e.g. J.1/2 contains the Annual Report for 1862/63 and the list of office bearers and members for 1863/64.

Each report contains a brief summary of the general activities of the Society, the Treasurer's annual financial statement and abstracts of papers read at ordinary meetings and their discussion. The abstracts become longer each year and from 1873/74, (J.1/6), some other important Society documents are also included, such as proposed amendments to major bills, texts of presidential addresses and bye-laws. In 1878 the report is 51 pages long. In 1880 the Annual Report was expanded into the form of Transactions, in which the scientific papers were printed in full. The first volume covered 1879-1880. [See J.2]

* Lists of members are actually lists of Metropolitan MOHs indicating which are not members of the Association.

(For annual reports of activities prior to 1862/63, see minutes of AGMs in B.1/1)

There is no series of separate annual reports issued by the Society after 1878/79. Researchers must consult Transactions, Public Health, News Circulars and AGM and Council papers.



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