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The following is an interim description which may be altered when detailed cataloguing takes place in future.

This collection contains material relating to Alan Emery's career in Medical Genetics, notably his work on muscular dystrophies, including bound volumes of Emery's publications, 1954-1988; student lecture notes, 1961-1964; theses, 1953-1970; lecture notes on medical genetics, 1960s-2004; lecture notes on developments in Muscular Dystrophy, 1990s-2000; reports of Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy, 1990s-2001; articles and offprints relating to early studies of Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy, 1960s-1990s; notebooks and papers relating to the European Neuromuscular Centre, 1980s-c.2001; photographs, 1960s-1990s; files relating to research for medical history articles, 1980s; and illustrations and slides used for lectures and talks with index.

Additional material acquired in 2015 concerns the first published data on 'manifesting carriers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy' and clinical, biochemical and muscle pathology of a disease never delineated before, and subsequently named Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, and the defective nuclear membrane protein, which when identified, was identified and named as 'emerin'. It comprises mainly patient data including many photographs and an experimental notebook based on work done by Emery at John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland USA, 1962-1963, some correspondence, family pedigrees, articles and selection of photographs of Alan Emery from the 1960s up to 2006.



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6 transfer boxes, 1 wooden cabinet of slides, 1 archive box


Acquisition note

The archives were given to the library at Wellcome Collection by Professor Alan Emery in August 2010. An additional box of material, Accession 2157, was transferred by Alan Emery via the Royal Society of Medicine in February 2015. One file of material was received March 2015. A quantity of books were donated to the library at Wellcome Collection by Alan Emery in September 2015 (see Related Material field below).

Biographical note

Alan Eglin Heathcote Emery was born in 21 August 1928. He graduated in botany and zoology from the University of Manchester in 1952 and then spent years in research and teaching before obtaining a medical qualification in 1960. He subsequently obtained a PhD in Human Genetics from John Hopkins University, Baltimore, and received his medical doctorate from Manchester in 1966. In 1968 Emery became Professor and Chariman of the Department of Human Gentics at the University of Edinburgh.

From 1980-1983 he was president of the British Clinical Genetics Society. In 1983 Emery became Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Edinburgh. Later, in 1999, he became Chief Scientific Advisor to the European Neuromuscular Centre.

His research has focussed on neuromuscular disease. He was the first to delineate the disease Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, and Emery-Nelson syndrome is also named after him.

Related material

Books donated by Emeritus Professor Alan E. H. Emery in 2015 can be browsed on the Wellcome online catalogue, or by searching with the following text: Donor: Emeritus Professor Alan E. H. Emery

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