"Solvad" and "Soloid" trade mark dispute: documents referred by the Opposition

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Various documents (volumes) referred to in the Declaration of Henry Wellcome and/or his supporting statements, some of which are labelled with an HSW reference number. Includes related items, and HWKP4 (Applicant's evidence).

File comprises
HSW1: "Price List of Fine Products" (Burroughs Wellcome & Co, 1904);
HSW2: "Price List of The Standard Tablet Co" (1905) - 4 copies;
"Price List of The Standard Tablet & Pill Coy" (1909) - 4 copies;
Printed transcription of Day Six Proceedings in Burroughs Wellcome & Co v Thompson & Capper (1903), as referred to by supporting statements - 2 copies;
complete issue of The Chemist and Druggist (24 October, 1903), with advertisement by The Standard Tablet Co on back cover (see, also, p. 33 for BW&Co "Tabloid" and "Soloid" advertisement);
HWKP4 (Applicant's evidence): two back covers from The Chemist and Druggist (1903 and 1905) publishing advertisements for The Standard Tablet Co;
complete issue of The Trade Marks Journal, Vol 30, No. 1420 - see p. 751 for "Solvads" trade mark;
"Wellcome's Excerpta Therapeutica 1907" (Burroughs Wellcome & Co).



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1 file (in 2 physical parts) File split into 2 physical parts.

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For HSW4 and HSW5, see WF/L/06/072.

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