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Beauty Boardroom

  • Series
The CEO has called a crisis meeting. A team of five pink rabbits in black suits and ties sit round an oval table. Their boss is a bigger, pink rabbit in a grey suit, wearing lots of gold necklaces and rings. Standing on a podium, with his fist banging, the CEO rabbit says: “The brazillian butt lift has reached market saturation, we need to invent a new insecurity!”.  One by one, the team shout out their ideas. “Strawberry… legs! Hard bones! Warm breath! Hip dips - is that anything?”, they say.
Crisis meeting. © Clarice Tudor for Wellcome Collection.

Sales have slumped. But this morally bankrupt CEO remains hellbent on fracturing people’s mental and physical wellbeing for profit. Can his team of minions turn things around with some fresh body insecurities to sell to the masses? This series of comics by Clarice Tudor follows the aftermath of their emergency board meeting. Because beauty is in the eye of the shareholder.