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Modern Encounters With a Medieval Almanac

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Photograph of a fragile folding almanac from the 15th century. The almanac is spotlit on a black background. It is photographed from the side so that the folded pages in its middle can me seen sandwiched by the covers. It's cover is made of an intricate woven green and pink fabric. The spine where the pages meet, taper into a point.

In our collections there’s a medieval folding almanac, which is remarkable both for its beautiful and intricate construction and for the detailed information it contains, connecting the human body to the stars and world around it. This enigmatic object has captivated scholars and visitors alike, but for three makers: an animator, an artist and a craftsperson, it has been the inspiration for their own creative journeys. In this series of articles, you’ll find out more about the almanac and discover what the makers created.