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Appointments with plants. © Maïa Walcott for Wellcome Collection.

Rebecca Tamás, poet and environmental non-fiction writer, guest edits a series of articles exploring how ritual can help us to connect more deeply to the difference of the nonhuman, and ground us in our environments. The work explores how the embodied action of ritual, be it intimately personal or shared with one’s community, can create deep links to the rhythms of nonhuman life; rooting us in the environments that make our own life possible. Each writer demonstrates that ritual can be a way into understanding the living world, and our own bodies and minds, at a time of environmental crisis.

The series features essays by Victoria Adukwei Bulley, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Abi Palmer, Daisy Lafarge and Bhanu Kapil, on topics including the relationship between ritual and cats, microscopes, belonging and song; showing the dizzying variety of ritual experience – its intensity, its joy and its possibility.

About the contributors

Rebecca Tamás


Rebecca Tamás is an editor, with Sarah Shin, of the 2018 anthology 'Spells: Occult Poetry for the 21st Century.'  Her collection of poetry, 'WITCH', came out from Penned in the Margins in 2019. Her essay collection 'Strangers: Essays on the Human and Nonhuman,' was published by Makina Books in October 2020, and was longlisted for the 2021 Rathbones Folio Prize. She is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at York St John university.

Black and white head and shoulders photograph of Maïa Walcott.

Maïa Walcott


Maïa is a Social Anthropology undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh and a multidisciplinary artist working with sculpture, painting, illustration and photography. Her work has been widely published and exhibited, appearing in the anthology ‘The Colour of Madness’ and as part of ‘Project Myopia’. Maïa was also the in-house illustrator for the literary magazine The Selkie, and photographer for photo exhibitions such as ‘The I'm Tired Project’ and ‘Celestial Bodies’.