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How to belong

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Artwork created by painting over the surface of a black and white photographic print with colourful paint. The artwork shows the original heads of two individuals from the photograph, on the left an adult woman and on the right a young baby. The baby is being held in the adult's arms. Apart from the heads the rest of the image is a painted yellow background covered in small green, orange and blue dots. The individual's clothes are painted differently, the adult's has a green background with wavy orange horizontal lines and pink spots. The baby's is green with pink cell like patterns with red centres.
Belonging and why we long for it. Cressida Lindsay with baby Amanda. © Naomi Vona for Wellcome Collection.

What does it mean to belong? Growing up in an unconventional family in a conservative rural community, Tanya Perdikou has always struggled to feel that she fits in. In this series she makes sense of belonging and why it matters. Over six essays Tanya explores how addiction, racism, place, parenthood and, lately, a global pandemic can shape how and where we feel we belong.