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  • Ge Guoluo (Ge Lolo) family carrying loads. The woman holds a spindle in her hand to indicate that the tribe uses the fibres of the ge plant for spinning, from .
  • Pozi (Poren) looking civilized.
  • Lama. Two monks of the Lama tribe selling beads.
  • Hei Guoluo (Black Lolo) family, possibly on their way to market.
  • Bai Sharen couple on a hunting and fishing trip.
  • Map of Huoqing zhou, in Lijiang Prefecture, Yunnan Provonce. The Poyi live in the Huoqing area. The pictorial map shows the walled city in the centre. The places in the surroundings are tagged by their Chinese names.
  • Nuzi hunting with bow and arrow
  • Poyi (Poren) working in the field