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  • Clocks: a watch factory at Waltham, Massachusetts. Wood engraving by A J H.
  • The blind school, Southwark. Coloured engraving by R. Acon, 1829, after T. H. Shepherd.
  • Question marks interspersed with images of gay men representing Nitty Gritties, a series of free, informative workshops for gay men in Auckland and Wellington; advertisement by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. Colour lithograph.
  • The heads of women are reforged in a workshop by the sea; suggesting a cure for the 'madness' of women. Line engraving, 17--.
  • The interior of a bustling Venetian wine-shop. Process print after a pen drawing with sepia wash by P. Longhi.
  • Four syringes, with a woman and a man puffing on joints; advertising self-help workshops for drug-addicts organised by the AIDS-Hilfe NRW. Colour lithograph, 1993.
  • A turner's workshop, a man working the crank of a large lathe, tools ranged around the walls. Engraving by R. Bénard after Lucotte.
  • Two children wait nervously while an alchemist secretively concocts a mixture at his stove. Pen and wash drawing by G. Robinson.
  • Shops of hashish merchants on a street in Cairo. Chromolithograph by A. Preziosi, c. 1850, after himself.
  • Joinery: a joiner's yard, with men at work (top), various types of joint (below). Engraving by Defehrt after Lucotte.
  • Subtle the alchemist, posing as an astrologer, being visited by Abel Drugger, in Ben Jonson's 'The alchemist'. Engraving by C. Grignion, 1791, after J. Graham.
  • An interior of 'Marshalls', a famous dentist's shop near Berwick Street, Soho. Watercolour, 1789.
  • A surgeon applying the method of cupping to Ragotin, who believes his body has swelled in his sleep. Engraving by G. Huquier the elder after J.B. Oudry.
  • The heads of women are reforged in a workshop by the sea; representing a brutal cure for the 'madness' of women. Line engraving by F. Campion, 1663.
  • A list of events in May 1995 (?) available by the Schwulenberatung, gay counselling service in Berln including workshops for gay men with HIV and massage services. Photocopy, ca. 1995.
  • Events in June 1995 (?) available by the Schwulenberatung, gay counselling service in Berlin including sessions on homeopathy and HIV, psychotherapy for HIV and AIDS, gay couples and a workshop entitled "Fool, death and the devil". Photocopy, ca. 1995.
  • Glass: the British Flint Glass Makers' Friendly Society. Engraving by H. Wilkinson, 18--, after J. Northwood.
  • Joinery: a box-making workshop, with men at work (top), tools (below). Engraving by A.B. after Lucotte [?].
  • A street of wooden houses in Mora, with a church terminating the vista.
  • A young woman weighs out tobacco on a shop counter. Coloured lithograph by C. Regnier, 1843, after Guérard.