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  • Daggers, flint, Neolithic in final stages
  • Obsidian blade mounted in ornamental handle, from Admiralty
  • Miniature in gold of Bronze Age ornamented flanged axe.
  • Upper Paleolithic scrapers on blades
  • Tattoing needles, bronze mounted in bone
  • Australian aboriginal stone knife mounted in handle.
  • Fibula-bow type-decorated with beads, Iron Age. Halstatt II
  • Paleolithic flakes from Blackboy Pit near Herts
  • Upper Paleolithic scrapers
  • Neolithic clay stamps for applying design on the body.
  • A selection of Larnaudian bronze arrow-heads.
  • Aurignacian Backed Knives from Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, Chatelperron, La Croze-de-Tayac, and Laussel, Marquay, France
  • Iron Age bronze Fibula, boat (navicella) type
  • Iron Age knives from Dechelette, Manuel d'Archeologie
  • Iron Age toilet bronze mirror
  • Barbed bone points ("harpoons"). Oban, Argyll's P.S.A.S.
  • Miniature in gold of Bronze Age ornamented flanged axe.
  • Flake of Middle Paleolithic type from Paviland Cave, Gower.
  • Iron Age depilatory tweezers.
  • Representative series of Upper Paleolithic artifacts from Aveline's Hole, Mendip.
  • Late Broze Age from Dechelette's Manuel
  • Hand-axes and scraper from Croxleygreen
  • Flint blades, selection of Abri Audi and La Gravette types
  • Neolithic hafted stone axe.
  • Bone comb, supposedly Neolithic, from Gullrum Swedeh
  • Egyptian flint knives, finely worked.
  • Iron Age toilet instruments including curettes.
  • Middle? Paleolithic from boulder clay near Whitby, Yorks.
  • Bronze socketed spear-head.
  • Paleolithic flint artifacts, Germolles