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  • Peasant Spa of Krapinske Toplice, Yugoslavia.
  • Peasant Spa of Krapinske Toplice, Yugoslavia. Patient with several cupping horns applied to body.
  • Old map of the ward of Cheap, circa 1750.
  • Chemist and Druggist shop of N.J. Wooley, Piccadilly.
  • Ecclesiastical divisions, France 1905.
  • View of the Grimsel Hospice, engraving.
  • Map of France showing soil relief.
  • Les Delices de Leide, 1712
  • Map showing the Moslem EMpire - 750 AD.
  • A man showing the towns and villages in Middlesex mentioned by Defoe
  • Guillaume Thomas Francois Raynal.
  • Clay pit showing permanent water, Herts/Beds.
  • Map of Britain in 626 A.D., to show social connections of Southern Scotland.
  • Sewage farm near Barking, 19th century
  • Gray's Inn Garden, 'The London Welsh', at physical drill in 1915.
  • Gray's Inn Hall.
  • Place Andre Vesale, Zante; Greece. Showing municipal library.
  • Cheapside in 1639. Stands of the Livery Companies at the reception of Mary de Medici.
  • The Apse, the Abbey of Moveruela, Spain.
  • View of the front of Tenby.
  • Map indicating public and private Sanatoria and Hospitals for the tuberculous sick.
  • The Emperor of the French battle-field of Solferino.
  • Map of part of Asia Minor
  • Halifax from Beacon Hill.
  • The houses and shops of old London. Old London, volume I, page 3a.
  • Dymock parish church, Gloucestershire
  • View of London. From the impression in the British Museum, Dept. of Prints and Drawings,
  • Railways in 1800, Great Britain.
  • Map of mining districts of the U.K. 1842
  • Part of a map of Aberdeen in 1661. Showing the site of the Leper Hospital on the road leading to old Aberdeen.