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  • Abbaye Royale du Val de Grace, Paris: facade. Etching.
  • St. Peter's Parish Church Schools, Leeds, Yorkshire. Wood engraving by W.E. Hodgkin, 1856, after B. Sly after Messrs. Dobson and Chorley.
  • St Peter and St Paul's presbytery and schools, Cork, Ireland. Transfer lithograph after R. Walker.
  • Maggiore Hospital, Milan, Italy. Coloured aquatint by G. Ruff after A. Sidoli after G. Migliara.
  • College of St. Mary and All Saints, Mexico City, Mexico. Reproduction of a drawing.
  • Students strolling in the grounds of the Roman Catholic University of Ireland, Clonliffe, Ireland. Wood engraving by Walmsley, 1864, after W.C. Smith after J.J. McCarthy.