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  • Boer War: wounded soldiers being escorted off the hospital train at Durban from Ladysmith. Watercolour by F. Dadd, 1899.
  • Franco-Prussian War: women carrying wounded soldiers to hospital at Ivanitza. Coloured wood engraving by A.H.
  • Boer War: Red Cross hospital train arriving at Durban. Process print by C.H. after F.C. Harrison after F. Dadd, 1899.
  • Serbo-Bulgarian War: wounded Russian soldiers begging ambulance men to be taken away from the battlefield. Wood engraving.
  • Boer War: Red Cross ambulance cars at Pretoria station for the wounded Boers. Reproduction after a sketch by G. Soper after Leoff.
  • Franco-Prussian War: English ambulance services encamped outside the Park of St. Germain, Paris. Wood engraving.
  • Franco-Prussian War: ambulancemen collecting the wounded and dead at Champigné. Etching by A. Lançon, 1870.
  • Boer War: collecting the wounded from the battlefield using newly invented ambulance transport. Reproduction after a watercolour by F. Craig.
  • Boer War: British ambulance men taking the dead and wounded blindfolded behind enemy lines. Reproduction of a watercolour by F.J. Waugh, 1900.
  • Boer War: bringing the wounded dwom from Spion Kop. Process print after H.M. Paget.
  • Serbo-Turkish War: visiting a wounded friend in hospital. Wood engraving, 1876.
  • Boer War: nuns and a policeman taking down the Red Cross flag from the bomb damaged convent at Mafeking, South Africa. Halftone, c.1900, after S. Robinson.
  • Boer War: arrival of the sick and wounded at Grand Central Freight Depot for transportation. Pen and ink drawing by A. Weil.
  • An army nurse. Watercolour drawing.
  • Crimean War: recuperating soldiers being nursed. Wood engraving by L. Huard.
  • Russo-Turkish War: Princess of Roumania's Hospital at Bucharest. Wood engraving by C. Roberts, 1877.
  • Boer War: bringing in the wounded the Willow Grange fight. Process print.
  • Carlist War, Spain: Spanish sick and wounded being carried on board the "Somorrostro". Wood engraving by I. Nash.
  • Russo-Japanese War: army medical staff treating the wounded in a field at Linglingtun, China. Collotype, c. 1904.
  • Boer War: wounded soldiers returning to Ladysmith camp after a battle. Reproduction after a watercolour by F. Dadd after photograph.
  • Boer War: a nurse helping invalids to an ambulance for transfer to Maritzburg from Ladysmith. Process print after a drawing by F. Dadd after W.T. Maud.
  • Serbo-Bulgarian War: two sketches showing volunteers on their way to the front and hospital camp. Wood engraving by J. Nash.
  • Boer War: first aid to the wounded on the battlefield at Colenso. Process print after J.J. Waugh.
  • Carlist War, Spain: wounded soldiers being carried down from the Heights opposite Andoain. Wood engraving.
  • The War in Egypt: bringing the wounded home on board H.M.S. "Euprates". Wood engraving.
  • Serbo-Bulgarian War: the Russian General Dragomirov being treated for his wounds. Wood engraving.
  • Russo-Turkish War: field hospital and ambulances waiting for the wounded. Wood engraving, 1877.
  • Franco-Prussian War: british ambulance stores at Metz. Wood engraving.
  • Boer War: a British officer on a battlefield demanding possession of the wounded from the Boers. Halftone, 1900, after R. M. Paxton after E. Prater.
  • Franco-Prussian War: hospital ward, Dieulouard. Etching by A. Lançon, 1870.