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  • The Annunciation to the Virgin. Engraving by C. Bloemaert, c. 1650, after G. Lanfranco.
  • Three people praying around the bed of a sick man, one is a priest. Line engraving by I. Taylor.
  • God appears to Noah and his family; three cherubs hold him aloft. Etching after Raphael.
  • A young woman helping another with her toilet while an old woman prays. Etching by F. Goya, 1796/98.
  • Three means to gain God's mercy: fasting, prayer and alms, which cause the heart of man to fly towards God. Engraving attributed to T. Galle, 1601.
  • Manoah and his wife pray to an angel which emerges from the flame of their altar. Line engraving by L. Desplaces after C. Le Brun.
  • Adam prays in the Garden of Eden. Etching by J.E. Ridinger after himself, c. 1750.
  • The Virgin Mary prays to the infant Jesus, who is being carried by four kneeling angels; they all stand in a circle around the sun drawn on the ground. Aquatint with etching by C.M. Metz after D. Ghirlandaio.
  • Saint Mary Magdalene clasps her hands before the crucified Christ. Watercolour painting.
  • The adoration of the shepherds at the birth of Christ. Stipple engraving by G.S. & J.G. Facius, 1806, after J. Reynolds.
  • The angel, announcing the birth of Christ, gives a lily to the Virgin. Etching by N. Le Mire after Dubois after F. Solimena.
  • Men, women, and children praying at a shrine by the roadside during the 1873 cholera epidemic in Poland. Wood engraving by H. Woods, 1873.
  • A man harrassed by personifications of greed, guilt, credulity, jealousy, sadness and pride. Engraving by P. Galle, ca 1563.
  • Wild countryside with a stormy sky; two men in prayer before a cross. Engraving by J. Roberts after R. Wilson.
  • The adoration of the shepherds. Etching by F. Berardi after G. Magni after C. Dolci.
  • Christ raises Lazarus from his tomb. Etching by F. Ludy after J.F. Overbeck, 1849.
  • Moses' arms grow heavy as he prays for the victory of the Israelites over the Amalecites; an outstretched arm is anatomically depicted. Etching by C. Sperling-Heckel, c. 1735.
  • Two young women pluck a bird which has a man's head, while an old woman prays. Etching by F. Goya, 1796/98.
  • A vicar prays for a dying usurer while his wife receives medical advice. Mezzotint by B. Clowes after W. Dawes, 1768.
  • Simeon bows to the infant Jesus Christ. Engraving by A. Mochetti after N. Poussin (?).
  • The widow's son ecstatically returns to life in response to Elijah's prayer. Wood engraving.
  • Statue of Daniel praying in the lion's den. Etching.
  • The deathbed of Saint Ivo of Kermartin. Process print after G. Mailand (?), 1837.
  • The Assumption of the Virgin Mary; below the apostles crowd around her empty tomb. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, c. 1830, after Agostino Carracci.
  • A young woman helping another with her toilet while an old woman prays. Etching by F. Goya, 1796/98.
  • Elijah prays to raise the widow's son. Mezzotint by R. Earlom, 1768, after Rembrandt.
  • Nursing and charitable acts of the "Soeurs de la Charité" or Sisters of Love; with the alphabet: L-S, ijk-yz. Coloured line engraving.
  • A statue of a girl praying, representing prayer. Lithograph, ca. 1851, by Louisa Corbaux.
  • God appears radiantly behind a black cloud as Moses swings an incense burner; four people are washing their feet and hands in preparation. Etching.
  • Pilgrims in St. Peter's in Rome pay devotion to the statue of St. Peter. Etching by D. Allan.