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  • Bacchus captured by sailors transforms them into dolphins. Engraving by J. Matham after D. Vinckeboons..
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong: five pirates awaiting beheading, while Chinese soldiers and dignitaries line up behind. Photograph, 1891.
  • An angler pulls in a raft on which Russian pirates are tied to a gibbet with hooks piercing into their flesh. Engraving by T. Wallis after W.M. Craig, 1805.
  • The pirate Storzenbecher (Störtebeker). Drawing, c. 1789, after D. Hopfer.
  • Canton, China: six men suspended by the neck in locked cages in public as a method of slow torture and execution for piracy. Photograph, 18--.
  • A boy and his cat are on a pirate ship. Coloured lithograph.