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  • Two faces expressing veneration and rapture. Etching, c. 1760, after C. Le Brun.
  • Six faces expressing human passions: profiles and frontal views of admiration, desire and veneration. Pen drawing after C. Le Brun.
  • A male face with head bowed, expressing veneration. Engraving by M. Engelbrecht (?), 1732, after C. Le Brun.
  • The love of divinity and wisdom and its effects on shameful love and indulgence. Engraving after Pietro da Cortona.
  • A virtuous Athenian woman pouring incense on to a flaming tripod. Engraving by J.J. Flipart after J.M. Vien.
  • Six faces expressing the human passions: (clockwise from top left) attention, admiration with astonishment, veneration, simple bodily pain, joy with tranquility, and admiration. Coloured etching, c. 1800, after C. Le Brun.
  • A female figure in an attitude of respectful piety. Drawing, c. 1794.
  • The Virgin Mary with Christ as an infant with Joseph and Anne, in the background the archangel Gabriel holding a lily. Line engraving.