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  • Gloucester smallpox epidemic, 1896: the isolation hospital seen from outside. Photograph by H.C.F., 1896.
  • Two doctors discussing a patient who has a fever and a great thirst, the patient overhears and promises to cure the thirst if they can deal with the fever. Wood engraving by C. Keene, 1882.
  • New York State Soldiers' Depot, New York City: the hospital. Colour lithograph, 1864.
  • Hospital for Incurables, Blackwell Island, New York. Wood engraving by W.S.L. Jewett.
  • An ill man being bled by a surgeon. Coloured etching after J. Gillray, 1804, after J. Sneyd.
  • St Pancras Smallpox Hospital, London: housed in a tented camp at Finchley. Watercolour by F. Collins, 1881.
  • A wounded British soldier being visited in an Egyptian hospital by a monk, a sister of mercy and a chaplain. Wood engraving after F. Villiers.
  • Hopîtal Royal de Bicêtre, Paris: patients exercising in the grounds. Engraving by Letitia Byrne, 1829, after T. Nash.
  • A doctor taking the pulse of a country squire; the smug doctor receives a drink from the butler while his disgruntled patient's medicine is prepared by the maid. Lithograph by W. Hunt, 1825, after H.W. Bunbury.
  • A nun holding a medicine spoon with her hospital behind her. Watercolour drawing.
  • Guy's Hospital, Southwark: the entrance courtyard, with a patient being carried in on a stretcher. Engraving by W. Woolnoth, 1799, after J. Elmes.
  • A vexed doctor is leaving his patient's room because the latter has not been following his advice and has been eating rich food. Reproduction of woodcut, 19--.
  • Patients consulting an obese quack. Watercolour painting by T. Rowlandson, 1807.
  • Boer War: wounded soldiers lying inside a hospital train. Halftone, c.1900.
  • An undertaker drops in to give Christmas and New Year wishes to a sick man. Coloured lithograph, ca. 1830.
  • John Bull as the patient of promotors of competing therapies; representing British parliamentary reform. Aquatint by S. de Wilde, 1809.
  • A misunderstanding between a doctor his patient and her daughter. Coloured etching by C. Williams, 1823.
  • St. John of God carrying a sick patient from a hospital ward. Line engraving by G. Petrini.
  • A monkey physician examining a cat patient for fleas. Coloured lithograph.
  • A surgeon treating an irate patient's wounded leg in his surgery assisted by two attendants. Engraving.
  • Franco-Prussian War: a nurse treating wounded servians in an Usicza hospital. Coloured wood engraving.
  • A doctor holding death at bay from his patient: illustrated by him squirting a syringe at a skeletal figure entering via the window. Line engraving by N. Goodnight, 1787, after S. Collings.
  • A nun brings some refreshment to a feverish patient, with a poem by Legouvé. Coloured lithograph by J.P. Moynet, 1846.
  • Gloucester smallpox epidemic, 1896: Ethel Cromwell, aged about 14 years, as a smallpox patient. Photograph by H.C.F., 1896.
  • A ward on the top deck of a hospital ship with patients standing or sitting by their beds. Engraving.
  • A couple of country folk consulting an aged doctor; a servant smiles menacingly in the doorway. Coloured etching by T. Rowlandson, 1809, after G.M. Woodward.
  • A doctor holding death at bay from his patient: illustrated by him squirting a syringe at a skeletal figure entering via the window. Line engraving by N. Goodnight, 1787, after S. Collings.
  • Gloucester smallpox epidemic, 1896: Kate Mills, a smallpox patient. Photograph by H.C.F., 1896.
  • Russo-Japanese War: a field hospital ward with an inspection of the first wounded Japanese to arrive home. Pen and ink drawing by D. Macpherson, 1904.
  • René Théophile Hyacinthe Laënnec auscultating a tubercular patient at the Necker Hospital, Paris, 1816. Heliogravure after a painting by T. Chartran.