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  • Papaya, pawpaw or melon tree (Carica papaya L.): flowering and fruiting tree with flowers and fruit lying on the ground beneath. Etching by G. D. Ehret, 1742, after himself.
  • Three papaya trees (Carica papaya) with lizards, dodos and a man hunting in an exotic, tropical landscape. Etching, c. 1671.
  • Giant water lilies (Victoria amazonica) on a lake bordered by two Guianan men and plants. Coloured lithographic reproduction of an engraving by M. Gauci, c. 1814, after C. Bentley.
  • Papaw or papaya (Carica papaya): flowering branch, sectioned fruit and insect. Coloured etching by J. Pass, c. 1800, after J. Ihle.