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15 results filtered with: Noah (Biblical figure)
  • God appears to Noah and his family; three cherubs hold him aloft. Etching after Raphael.
  • Noah, drunk and naked, being covered in a garment by his sons, Shem and Japheth; with a border of naked men holding medallions. Halftone after Michelangelo.
  • An elaborate cross-section of Noah's ark, detailing the storing of provisions and livestock; scenes of loading and construction. Line engraving.
  • The canonised Noah. Lithograph by J.G. Schreiner, c. 1840.
  • Lamech, holding a farming implement, points at a child; down in the street, various acts of uninhibited licence go on. Engraving.
  • Noah's clan make their sacrifice and God responds with a rainbow. Colour etching by E. Kirkall after Bishop after P. Caliari, il Veronese.
  • Shem and Japheth cover their father's nakedness; Ham has already witnessed it. Etching by Viguet after C.P. Marillier.
  • People and animals entering Noah's ark, transposed into a 16th century Dutch landscape. Engraving by A.J. Landerseel.
  • Noah in his drunkenness being exposed by Ham. Woodcut by H. Brosamer, 1550.
  • Noah and his family sacrifice a ram to God on leaving the ark. Engraving by G. Carattoni after A. de'Angeli after Michelangelo.
  • Noah and his entourage come down from the ark and make a sacrifice to God. Etching by M. van der Gucht after G. Hoet.
  • Noah preparing his first sacrifice after the Flood; the Tower of Babel; God responds to Noah's sacrifice with a rainbow. Etching by J. Hulett.
  • Ham sees his father, Noah, naked and drunk; Shem and Japheth turn away. Colour soft-ground etching by S. Mulinari after A. Sacchi.
  • Noah's entourage comes down from Mount Ararat; Noah makes a sacrifice. Etching by N.C. Goodnight.
  • Noah and his companions follow the animals into the Ark. Etching.