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  • Hercules. Etching.
  • [Newspaper cutting, "Giants" (1842?) about the possibility of an ancient race of giants].
  • The head of Hercules. Drawing, c. 1792.
  • Eleven scenes of witchcraft. Woodcut, 1720.
  • The temples and ritual of Asklepios at Epidauros and Athens : Two lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain / by Richard Caton.
  • Hercules and Achelous. Engraving by J.B. Patas after A. Borel after G.A. Pordenone.
  • Daedalus attaching wings to the shoulders of his son Icarus. Stipple engraving by G.S. & E.G. Facius after C. Le Brun.
  • Demonology and devil-lore / Moncure D. Conway.
  • The ages of man represented as a step scheme. Reproduction of an engraving by C. Bertelli.
  • Hygieia, goddess of health, holding a pentacle and a staff encircled by a snake. Engraving by P. Galle, c. 1595.
  • Temple of Minerva Medica, Rome. Line engraving by F. Morelli, 1798.
  • Aesculapius (representing medicine) routing death, Ceres (?) supplying milk to the starving. Drawing attributed to J.-C. Bordier du Bignon, 1822.
  • Allegorical and historical scenes of medicine: including a dissection and a distillation laboratory, and Hygieia receiving the organic and mineral bounty of the earth employed in remedies. Engraving by J.F. Fleischberger, 1660.
  • The birth of Adonis. Etching by H. van Swanevelt.
  • A bust of Hercules: profile. Drawing, c. 1792.
  • Five biblical and mythological figures, expressing different physiognomic characteristics. Drawing, c. 1791, after Raphael.
  • Juno with her peacock in the clouds; representing the element of air. Engraving by J. Sadeler, 1587, after D. Barendsz.
  • A group of figures from antiquity are led into a garden by a woman with a telescope and a hand mirror. Etching.
  • Demonology and devil-lore / Moncure D. Conway.
  • A female figure resting her arm on a globe; representing geography. Stipple engraving.