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  • The coronation of the Virgin in Heaven. Etching by C. Schut.
  • A witch. Etching by G. Petrini after D. Teniers.
  • Saint Cecilia: she plays the harp, while an angel sings. Engraving by J. Bouillard, 1804, after Dubois after P. Mignard, 1691.
  • A man sits smoking at a table as a woman brings him drink. Engraving by L. Gaineau, 1785, after G. Mieris.
  • An albino woman of African descent, with white instead of black skin. Engraving by Schmitz after J. de Sève.
  • A goddess sits among a crowd of mythological figures with musical instruments and weapons; representing mineralogy. Coloured stipple engraving by J. Chapman, 1817.
  • A dancing couple from the Pujari caste. Gouache drawing.
  • A woman playing the barrel-organ; representing the sense of hearing. Mezzotint by A.H.J. Degmair after P.A. Wille.
  • A group of beggars, one playing the violin, the other walking with the aid of a stick holding out a hat to collect alms. Etching by J. Duplessi-Bertaux.