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  • Henry Morton Stanley meeting David Livingstone at Ujiji, in Africa. Coloured wood engraving by H. Hall after H.M. Stanley, ca.1872.
  • David Livingstone (?) and his followers on a boat, attacked by hippopotamus. Lithograph.
  • David Livingstone arriving at Lake Ngami in 1849. Lithograph.
  • Cannibals armed with machetes prepare to ambush a missionary. Drawing by G.H., 18--.
  • Lake Ngami: Africans and European explorers on its bank. Wood engraving by J.W. Whymper after A. Rider.
  • David Livingtone's followers, Susi and Chuma, pictured with his former possessions. Photograph, ca. 1873.
  • David Livingstone, suffering from fever, carried above water on the shoulders of one of his men. Wood engraving after J.B. Zwecker.
  • Henry Morton Stanley and David Livingstone on Lake Tanganyika. Lithograph.
  • David Livingstone, seated on the ground, reading from the Bible to two African followers. Wood engraving and letterpress, 1874.
  • Saint Birinus converting the Saxons of Wessex to Christianity. Engraving by W. Walker, 1773, after S. Wale.
  • David Livingstone memorial in Blantyre; Livingstone reading the Bible to a group of African men. Photoprint.
  • Three pictures from a missionary enterprise on the Upper Zambesia: an African chief smoking; a missionary's wife quarters; Africans building a church. Wood-engravings.
  • David Livingstone's grave at Westminster Abbey. Wood engraving by H. Harral.
  • A missionary preaching to native Americans. Engraving by T.C Clark after Monroe.
  • Livingstone college. Process print.
  • Saint Francis Xavier performing miracles in Asia: he heals and revives people. Etching by W. Unger after P.P. Rubens.
  • Tree in central Africa where David Livingstone's heart is buried, showing the inscription bearing his name. Copy photograph after original photograph by P. Weatherley.
  • David Livingstone. Photograph.
  • Residents of Ephesus burn their books on the magic arts before Saint Paul. Engraving, 18th century, after J. Thornhill.
  • David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley on the River Ruzizi. Wood engraving.
  • Chumah, David Livingstone's personal servant, seated on a wooden stool, holding his cap in his hand. Wood engraving.
  • Above, W.O. Livingstone, L.S. Dawson and W. Henn, leaders of the search for D. Livingstone, seated on rocks, holding guns; below, the Abydos, the ship on which they sailed to Africa, leaving London. Etching, 1872.
  • Henry Morton Stanley and David Livingstone on the River Ruzizi. Lithograph.
  • The meeting of David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley, 28 October 1872, in central Africa. Lithograph after J. Durden.
  • David Livingstone and his men going down the Zambezi rapids. Lithograph.
  • David Livingstone memorial in Blantyre; Livingstone found dead, kneeling beside his bed. Photoprint.
  • Saint Francis Xavier, holding a crucifix, is preaching to a group of people during one of his missions in India. Engraving by G. Edelinck after J. Sourley.
  • Map of Metlakahtla, Annette Island
  • David Livingstone, holding a gun, attacked by a lion; Africans and a missionary in the foreground. Etching.
  • David Livingstone and his men walking through a swamp in central Africa. Lithograph.