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  • A scientist using a steam machine with pulley to extract a tooth from a man. Pen drawing by C.E.H., 1894.
  • Rope-making: view of a rope-walk with boys winding ropes (top), details of various weights and a carriage (below). Engraving by A. Bell.
  • A body covered with a blanket lying on a heated bath for the purpose of resuscitation. Etching, 1790.
  • Dyeing: dyers' and fullers' mills for extracting plant dyes. Coloured engraving by J. Pass.
  • Machinery: various inventions, including a pile-driving hammer, a fountain pen, and several kinds of pump. Engraving by W. Lowry.
  • Bleaching: vats and cauldrons for bleaching cloth. Engraving by W. Lowry, 1803.
  • Textiles: a three-quarter view of a power loom, with admiring visitors either side. Engraving, c.1862.
  • Textiles: a line of steam-driven cotton machines (above), a slasher-sizeing machine (below). Engraving.
  • Various machines for raising water, elevations and cutaway views. Engraving by W. Lowry, 1816, after J. Farey.
  • Agriculture: a machine for sowing seed. Engraving by A. Bell.
  • Astronomy: a mechanism for a model of planetary motion. Engraving by W. Kelsall after J. Clement.
  • Clocks: the mechanism of a chiming clock. Engraving by Mutlow.
  • Farming: a milling machine for corn, driven by a water-wheel, three-quarter view. Engraving by Seal, c.1750.
  • Farming: a milling machine for corn, three-quarter view. Engraving by B. Cole, early eighteenth century, after R. Blackwell.
  • Five diagrams of a cider mill, cider press and water-wheel. Engraving, c. 1790 (?).
  • Horizontal and vertical sections through a porter brewery mash tun, and its constituent parts. Engraving by J. Moffat, c. 1830, after J. Farey.
  • A printing press: seen from the side. Engraving by R. Benard after L.-J. Goussier.
  • Engineering: three-quarter views of two milling machines. Engraving, c.1861.
  • Textiles: a mechanical Jacquard loom, front and rear elevations. Engraving by Pegard after L. Guiguet.
  • Machines: a gas-fired glass-furnace, long and short sections, plan and details. Engraving, after 1861.
  • Water-wheel at London Bridge for supplying water from the Thames to the City of London. Engraving, 1749.
  • Hydraulics: a lever-operated pump. Engraving by J. Cleghorn after C. Varley.
  • Machinery: a pipe-boring drill, and a pile-driving hammer. Engraving by A. Bell.
  • Textiles: Crompton's belt-driven power loom, with a man standing by and a woman working. Watercolour.
  • A woman is turning a wheel which is tightening the string around a girl's waist in order to make it smaller. Coloured etching by W. Heath, ca. 1830.
  • Rope-making: details of various parts of a rope-making machine. Engraving by G. Daws.
  • Textiles: detail of a loom for tapestry weaving. Engraving by R. Benard after Radel.
  • Engineering: a centring chuck mechanism for a lathe: elevations, cross-section, and details. Engraving by J. Davis after J. Clement.
  • Clocks: details of a dividing engine for setting out gearwheels. Engraving by Prevost after L.J. Goussier.
  • Textiles: tapestry weaving, the cords of a vertical loom. Engraving by R. Benard after Radel.