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65 results filtered with: Krishna (Hindu deity)
  • Durga slaying the Buffalo demon depicted on a stand and surmounted on a torana decorated with smaller figures of demon kings and Hindu gods. Transfer lithograph.
  • Krishna (?) playing the flute. Pouncing.
  • Yasoda breast-feeding the baby Krishna. Gouache.
  • Krishna with two worshippers, as worshipped in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna embracing Radha. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.
  • Page 113: Krishna playing his flute to the cows and Radha who is immersed in the river, while an old man smoking a hookah observes. Watercolour drawing.
  • Garuda carrying two identical figures possibly Krishna and Balarama. Watercolour drawing.
  • Radha and Krishna on a lotus flower. Watercolour drawing.
  • Krishna milking a cow while the calf looks. Watercolour drawing.
  • Krishna stealing the cowgirls clothes and watching them bathe in the river below. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna freeing his parents (Vasudeo and Devki) from prison. Chromolithograph by R. Varma, 1907.
  • Devotees of Krishna and followers of Sri Caitanya, dancing with drums, flags and narsingh horn. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna slaying a demon with the aid of a cow, is watched by several cowherds with Indian deities in the distance. Gouache painting, ca. 1800.
  • Krishna steering a peacock-headed boat carrying five women. Watercolour drawing.
  • Radha and Krishna flanked by two devotees. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna embracing Radha. Chromolithograph.
  • Rādhā and Krishna embrace in the countryside. Chromolithograph, 1882.
  • Krishna combing Radha's hair with attendant in the background. Chromolithograph.
  • Krishna and Radha. Gouache drawing.
  • Rama enthroned with Sita surrounded by Hanuman, Garuda, Krishna and one other. Chromolithgraph.
  • Baby Krishna tied to a mortar which is caught in between two trees resulting in their uprooting, surrounded by a decorative border. Wood engraving (?).
  • Radha and Krishna. Watercolour drawing.
  • Radha listening to Krishna's flute playing seated by a shoreline. Chromolithograph.
  • Rajamannar holding a whip and a horn. Gouache painting by an Indian artist.
  • The gopis complaining to Yasoda about Krishna's pranks. Chromolithograph.
  • Durga slaying the Buffalo Demon on a stand within a torana surrounded by deities. Chromolithograph.
  • Events in Krishna's life. Gouache drawing.
  • A scene from the Mahabharata: Arjuna requests instruction from Krishna and receives the Bhagavat Gita. Chromolithograph.
  • Radha and Krishna, Gouache drawing.
  • Vasudeva carrying a baby Krishna encountering a cobra and jackal. Watercolour drawing.