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  • A vase (neck-amphora) painted with a man riding on a galloping horse with a hound. Engraving, 17--.
  • A young man returning from rabbit hunting. Stipple engraving by W. Nutter, 1799, after S. De Koster.
  • The funeral of Tom Moody, a huntsman: members of the hunt cry "View-halloo" and "Tally-ho!" over his grave. Wood engraving after R. Seymour, 1831.
  • A beaver hiding from hunters and biting off its own testicles to leave them as their catch. Etching by W.S. Howitt.
  • A huntsman and his hound are alarmed by the shot as another huntsman shoots a hare. Coloured lithograph by A. Strassgschwandtner, ca. 1860.
  • A krater painted with episodes in a boar hunt. Engraving, 17--.
  • Three papaya trees (Carica papaya) with lizards, dodos and a man hunting in an exotic, tropical landscape. Etching, c. 1671.
  • Two horsemen meeting on a turf. Wood engraving by A. C. Corbould.
  • Three sketches associated with lions wrestling with man and deer. Ink drawing.
  • A huntsman in the Tyrol holding a walking stick, a hat and some heather is standing on the top of a hill looking over the land; a gun hangs on his shoulder. Engraving by C.H. Jeens after P. Foltz.
  • Singapore: a white man out hunting with a native guide. Watercolour by J. Taylor, 1879.
  • Giant water lilies (Victoria amazonica) on a lake bordered by two Guianan men and plants. Coloured lithographic reproduction of an engraving by M. Gauci, c. 1814, after C. Bentley.
  • A cottager returns to his family with two rabbits he has shot. Coloured process print after George Morland.