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  • Two people reach out to touch the tree of life and hope surrounded by dragonflies, frogs, birds and a butterfly representing an Aboriginal depiction of the cycle of life and the role people must play to ensure an AIDS free future. Colour lithograph by Zane Saunders, March 1993.
  • A woman expressing attention, desire and hope. Drawing, c. 1788, after Raphael.
  • A music manuscript in black and white with red notes representing an advertisement for a concert of hope at the Eglise Saint Louis des Invalides, Paris, on Tuesday 11 June 1992 by AIDES. Colour lithograph, 1992.
  • The male and female sign with one red hand print against a backdrop of numerous green hand prints with a message about hope; an AIDS prevention advertisement sponsored by numerous health organisations in Panama, the World Health Organisation and GlaxoWellcome. Colour lithograph, ca. 1997.
  • Three grey and yellow faces behind barbed wire with a broken vision of the world above representing the fight against AIDS; an advertisement by the Asociación Ciudadana Anti-SIDA de Guipuzkoa. Colour lithograph by Sagutxo, 1996.
  • Eight heads showing human passions. Etching by Taylor, 1788, after C. Le Brun.
  • Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin). Lithograph.
  • A beach littered with numerous people in a variety of dress and engaged in various activities against a blue and white fence bordered with tall buildings at the top; a message about hope in the fight against AIDS. Colour lithograph by James Rizzi, 1996.
  • The AIDS red ribbon tied to the stalk of a flower in a field of yellow and white flowers with a boy wearing a red top in the background and the message in Spanish 'United in hope'; an advertisement for World AIDS Day on 1 December, [1996]. Colour lithograph by Onusida/Yoshi Shimuzu, 1996.
  • Head of a woman expressing desire (left); head of a woman expressing hope (right). Etching by B. Picart, 1713, after C. Le Brun.
  • A female figure representing hope. Drawing, c. 1794, after A. Kauffman.
  • Two figures wrapped in a red ribbon within a circle edged with the words 'World AIDS Day Australia December 1st'. Colour lithograph by R. Herbert, 1996.
  • A woman's head, expressing attention, desire and hope. Drawing, c. 1788, after Raphael.