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  • Three plants, including two fruiting branches of a holly (Ilex species) and an Andromeda species. Watercolour.
  • Two sprigs of holly (Ilex species) with leaves only. Pen and ink drawing.
  • A blackbird and a thrush on a branch of holly. Colour lithograph by Leighton Brothers after H. Weir, 1859.
  • A branch of holly (Ilex species), five mushrooms and some pine needles. Watercolour.
  • A branch of holly (Ilex species) with blue berries and three ito mushrooms (Armillaria matsutake). Watercolour.
  • Four rows of leaves of varying form, including some of holly (Ilex species) and willow (Salix species). Colour nature print by A. Auer, c. 1853.
  • Twelve British wild flowers with their common names. Coloured engraving, c. 1861, after J. Sowerby.
  • Two sprigs of holly (Ilex species) with leaves only. Watercolour.
  • Holly (Ilex aquifolium): leaves and berries. Watercolour drawings.