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  • The Académie des Sciences et des Beaux Arts, Paris: showing various methods of study and teaching with a lettered key. Line engraving.
  • A seated woman personifying history and a man representing time gesturing towards the socle of a pair of columns decorated with portrait ovals; above, Fame holds her trumpet. Engraving by C. Duflos le père, 1725, after J. Desmarets.
  • A chart of the histories of Rome, France, and Britain, with historical notices and dates of the other States of Europe / by Edward Ward Foster, 61, King William Street (City), London.
  • Clio, Aesculapius and Hygieia: design for a medal for someone in the field of medical history. Pencil drawing, 1911.
  • The cruise of the "Port Kingston" / by W. Ralph Hall Caine.