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  • Chinese men harvesting. Gouache.
  • Cybele, Bacchus, Ceres and Flora on a chariot drawn by lions surrounded by all forms of natural abundance and cherubs, symbolising the element earth. Engraving by E. Baudet, 1695, after F. Albani.
  • Agricultural labours: harvesters loading sheaves of corn on to a wagon, and a man and boy shearing sheep. Engraving after E. Bendemann.
  • The month August and the sign of Virgo, represented by harvest time and the disciples of Christ plucking of ears of corn on the Sabbath. Engraving by A. Collaert after H. Bol, 1585.
  • A boy kneeling, holding a baby bird found while raking corn, with a woman and a girl, each holding a rake. Lithograph.
  • D.C.L yeast and malt extract : calendar for 1936 : reaping the golden grain.
  • A pastoral scene with women picking grapes and a man on an ox-cart. Etching by H. Lepind after E. Debat-Ponsan, 1886.
  • A couple bringing in the harvest; representing the fortieth year of life. Engraving by Conrad Meyer, 16--.
  • A man and a woman in a vineyard in autumn; representing the benefits of the fiftieth year of life. Engraving by Conrad Meyer, 16--.
  • An Arabic (?) man singing from a songbook; African or Indian men surveying the land; westerners sowing seed and reaping; smiths hammering iron. Engraving.
  • A field being harvested; representing July. Etching by G. Perelle, c. 1660.
  • Ceres on a chariot with children representing the months March, April and May, surrounded by forms of natural abundance, corybantes and cherubs, symbolising the element earth. Etching by A. Tempesta, 1592.
  • Hay is being gathered into a haystack, and a boy is leading horses pulling an empty wagon. Photolithograph after W.H. Hopkins.
  • Mary and Joseph ride to Egypt with the infant Jesus. Engraving by H. Wierix..
  • Newspaper illustrations of harvesters and Earl Spencer, President of the Royal Agricultural Society, accompanied by a ballad and article about the RAS Meeting. Wood engraving by Smyth, 1844.
  • Men stroll amid fields being harvested; representing summer. Etching by N. Perelle after himself, 17th century.
  • A harvesting scene representing summer. Etching by N. Perelle, 17th century.
  • A rural landscape: a rainbow is in the sky as a man finishes building haystacks and two young women walk home. Engraving by S. à Bolswert after Sir P. P. Rubens.
  • Sheep are sheared and wheat is reaped; representing summer. Etching, 17--, after F.G. Bassano the younger.
  • Two naked children picking grapes. Lithograph by Piecq, c. 1845, after Gosse.
  • People harvesting a field of corn: one of the harvesters appeals to a mounted overseer, who disregards his plea and indicates the work. Etching by G. Giampiccoli after M. Ricci.
  • Cybele, Bacchus, Ceres and Flora on a chariot drawn by lions surrounded by all forms of natural abundance and cherubs: symbolising the element earth. Etching by F. Bartolozzi, 1796, after F. Albani.
  • The vintage: a man wheeling a barrel past a woman and children carrying grapes. Coloured engraving.
  • Women gathering leaves of the coca plant (Erythroxylum coca) in Bolivia. Wood engraving, c. 1867.
  • A corn-harvester, with a scythe and a sickle. Engraving by J.C. Le Vasseur after D. Teniers.
  • People loading corn on to a horse-drawn cart at harvest-time. Engraving by J. Cousen after J. Linnell.
  • Haymakers sitting down in the shade of a hay-rick to eat. Etching by J.J. Veyrassat, ca. 1857.
  • A naked man walks through a rocky landscape with a scythe; representing summer. Etching by J. Coelemans, 1703, after L. Cardi da Cigoli.
  • The gathering and drying of cinchona bark in a Peruvian forest. Wood engraving, by C. Laplante, c. 1867, after Faguet.