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  • The temptation of Adam. Lithograph by N. Consoni after Raphael.
  • Bot. of Day's Southern Drug Compy., family dispensing chemists.
  • Men being shaved and having their hair cut, styled and crimped by various male and female barbers. Coloured etching by R. Newton after himself, 1791.
  • A travelling barber dressing hair in a street. Wood engraving by A. Fox after T. Allom.
  • A penny-barber preparing to shave a seated customer who is being lathered with a large brush by a boy assistant, in the background another barber shaves another customer. Coloured etching after T. Rowlandson.
  • "Mama, shall I have beautiful long hair like you when I grow up?" : "Certainly my dear, if you use 'Edwards' Harlene'." / Edwards' Harlene Co.
  • An African man and woman embracing. Photograph, ca.1900.
  • Shwe-Maong, a man in Burma whose head and face are covered with hair. Aquatint by J.H. Clark after W.E. Reid.
  • A barber curling a customer's hair with hot tongs is distracted by an item in the newspaper, consequently burning the man's head. Mezzotint by A.M. Huffam, 1827, after M.W. Sharp.
  • A man with a shovel attempting to hit a hair-dresser (who is also being attacked by a small dog); a maid-servant tries to restrain him; an extravagantly dressed woman looks on. Engraving, 1778.
  • Bot. of Day's Southern Drug Compy., family dispensing chemists.
  • A boy with bushy hair. Drawing, c. 1793.
  • A woman at her dressing table in 1780 having her hair powdered by a male attendant. Coloured lithograph by Villain (?).
  • Delilah cuts the sleeping Samson's hair, smiling at the Philistine soldiers waiting in the shadows. Engraving.
  • The Virgin and Saint Mary Magdalene lament over the dead Christ. Line engraving by L. Kilian after H. von Aachen.
  • A Nayar lady with distinctive hairstyle. Chromolithograph.
  • A Malabar barber cutting a customer's hair. Gouache drawing.
  • The shorn Samson is rebuffed by Delilah. Engraving by C. Simonneau after F. Verdier, 1698.
  • N. Malzieu: portrait. Drawing, c. 1793.
  • A barber's shop in Manila. Wood engraving.
  • Two Sivites. Gouache drawing.
  • The breast dissected and the nipple and areola and a hair as viewed under a microscope. Engraving, 1686.
  • A woman holding out a ribbon with ringletted hair-pieces attached to it. Coloured engraving by G.J. Gatine after L.M. Lanté.
  • A woman having her hair cut by a male hair-dresser; a military man holds her hand. Etching.