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  • If you can't be a buddy : be a friend / LASS.
  • London to Windsor Lighthouse bike ride ... : : Sunday 6th September 1998 / Lighthouse Bike Ride.
  • The aware Winter sale 2003 : order now and save up to 50% off selected resources ...  / aNational AIDS Trust, promoting HIV & AIDS awareness.
  • Leigh Browne Trust ... : 3, Victoria Street, London, S.W.
  • Body Positive : a guide to our services / distributed by C.L.A.S.H. at the heart of the scene.
  • National raffle / The Terrence Higgins Trust, leading in the fight against AIDS.
  • Dear Janet, On Friday March 6th The Barbican Centre in conjunction with London Lighthouse are holding a grand 'Night of nights' in the Barbican Hall : all proceeds from the evening go to the centre / Jason Clapperton, Events Co-Ordinator.
  • Treat yourself : a day of alternative therapies at charity prices for Crusaid : Saturday 15th February 1992 ...
  • Have you failed the AIDS test? : I don't give a toss about people with HIV or AIDS ... I would like to take positive action to help : please tick where applicable : it's not just a gay thing ... it's not just a  drug thing / London Lighthouse.
  • [Card advertising the American Red Cross shop at 587 Fifth Avenue].
  • Women's Group : Body Positive, 51B Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court, London SW5 9EB.
  • [British Red Cross Society leaflet about their international tracing and message service].
  • National raffle / The Terrence Higgins Trust, leading in the fight against AIDS.
  • [Leaflet about the 125th anniversary of the British Red Cross Society. Donations are also requested].
  • [Fund raising sticker for the Austrian Red Cross featuring Prinz Eugen].
  • [1882 ten Gulden lottery ticket in aid of the Austrian Red Cross. Shoes horse-drawn ambulances and nurses in a ward of sick / wounded].
  • Guerre 1914-1917 : Journée nationale des tuberculeux anciens militaires.
  • Positive / Body Positive.
  • London Frontrunners are proud to present the first London Pride Run : 21 August 2004 - 3.00 pm : proceeds will benefit Crusaid ...
  • The first catalogue / The Terrence Higgins Trust.
  • 15ème course Saint-Valentin : 15-02-2014 : Parc de la Villette, 15 février 2014 / Paris Frontrunners.
  • Adventure Picures presents a film by Sally Potter based on the book by Virginia Woolf, Orlando : Tilda Swinton, with Quentin Crisp as Elizabeth I : Charity premiere and party in aid of London Lighthouse & Breakthrough : Wednesday March 10th 1993.
  • Positive / Body Positive.
  • [8 franc (with 3 franc surcharge) Belgian postage stamp (Stanley Gibbons number: 2548) to raise funds for the Red Cross. The subject is Jeunes Secouristes].
  • The Food Chain : it's not just cooking : feeding the fight gainst HIV and AIDS : what can you do? : new contact details / The Food Chain.
  • Music for life : musicals, jazz, opera, recitals and more for all the family ; Sunday 7 June 1992 / Crusaid.
  • Positive / Body Positive.
  • We can train you to complete the San Francisco Marathon or half marathon : training begins February 5, 2005 / National AIDS Marathon Training Program ; a Walk.The.Talk production.
  • World AIDS Day : T-shirts ... greetings cards : order form / National AIDS Trust.
  • I can cope with the drugs and the sickness and the fear. But the gas bill... / Crusaid, the national fundraiser for HIV & AIDS.