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  • Two plus signs [for HIV positive] separated by a line with two arrows pointing right [for the male symbol] representing an advertisement for HanseGay, 1995, a cultural event by Rat + Tat e.V. for gays and lesbians. Colour lithograph by Langenhan, 1995.
  • Multicoloured vertical painted lines with details of 'Das Regenbogenfest' [The Rainbow Festival] on Saturday 9 September 1995 at the Slaughterhouse [in Munich], an event organised by the Munich AIDS-Hilfe. Colour lithograph.
  • A face with fangs with a fist emerging from a white spiky form against a turquoise background; advertising a benefit festival in Berlin for AIDS assistance. Colour lithograph, 1994.
  • Pilgrims with roses worship a snake shrine while a Brahmin priest and attendants pray during a snake festival. Gouache drawing.
  • A rainbow coloured background with details of 'Regenbogenfest 7' [The 7th Rainbow Festival], an event to benefit people with HIV and AIDS and to commemorate the centenary of AIDS-Hilfe Mannheim Ludwigshafen e.V. on Saturday 12 August 1995 at the Mannheimer Schloss. Colour lithograph.
  • The Dunmow Flitch: a procession of people follow the winning couple who are being carried in a chair on the shoulders of four men while others walk in front carrying a piece of bacon on a stick. Engraving by C. Mosley after D. Ogborne, 1751.
  • The Dunmow Flitch: the winning couple are carried through the crowded street in a litter, preceded by a person holding the flitch aloft on the end of a stick. Lithograph after David Ogborne.
  • The sun wearing a headband with a star, against a backdrop of hearts; advertising a Christopher Street Day Gala in Cologne on 7 July 1995. Colour lithograph by Gerhard Malcherek, 1995.
  • Men build the ark while revellers play; God supervises. Engraving.
  • Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, with ships and rowing boats in the foreground. Engraving by W. Sharpe after W. and F. J. Havell.
  • Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich: a Naval Review in progress with ships of the line, and rowing boats in the foreground. Lithograph.
  • Chinese festival of Tu-Ti (the Earth God): a group of men are shown playing a game beside a shrine, accompanied by three others playing drums, watched by a woman and two children. Ink drawing, China, 18--?.
  • Cartoons of gay people attending the Mayence Rosé, the 7th Mainz gay cultural festival; advertising the festival. Colour lithograph, 1997.
  • A great Temperance festival in the Corn-Exchange, Cork, in full swing. Wood-engraving after J. McDonald, 1843.
  • Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, a race in progress with spectators in rowing boats in the foreground. Engraving by W. Topham after J. Rede.
  • Pilgrims with roses worship a snake shrine while a Brahmin priest and attendants pray during a snake festival. Gouache drawing.
  • Enoch in the clouds above a group of people at a festival. Etching.
  • A boy, dressed as Saint John the Baptist for a procession in Venice. Wood engraving by W. Hollidge after F.W.W. Topham, 1870.
  • A figure with an orange beak and a vest bearing the words 'Leo' moving three coloured cups around a green playing board bearing a skull, a pink heart and a clover leaf; an advertisement for the Mainz 'Stop AIDS' Festival on 23 August 1989 at the Kulturzentrum [Mainz], organised by the Landeszentrale für Gesundheitserziehung in Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. Colour lithograph by Klaus.
  • A cartoon-figure called 'Leo' juggles a video, a bottle, a condom, a syringe and a pill box while standing on a tight-rope above a crater against a starry night sky; advertising the 2nd 'Stop AIDS' festival in Mainz, 1990. Colour lithograph by Klaus.
  • Chinese festival of Tu-Ti (the Earth God): men and women are shown celebrating beside a shrine, accompanied by a group of musicians. Ink drawing, China, 18--?.
  • Details of the Billy Boy Festival II on Friday 1 September 1995 at the "Alten Schlachthof" ("Old Slaughterhouse") in Berlin. Lithograph.
  • Ganesh holding banners and wearing a t-shirt bearing the letters 'IHO' for Indian Health Organisation; two rats pinch food from a platter below; an AIDS prevention advertisement by Bharat Press. Lithograph, ca. 1997.