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  • The Virgin Mary and the Christ child, with Saint Augustine, Saint George, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Stephen and an angel with a lily. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, c. 1830, after F. Francia.
  • Eleven decorated initials from the Basel 1555 edition of Andreas Vesalius's De humani corporis fabrica. Woodcuts, 1555.
  • The cross bearing Christ is hoisted up before a multitude of lamenters and soldiers. Engraving by N-H. Tardieu after B. Audran after C. le Brun.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Engraving by S.A. Bolswert after Sir P.P. Rubens.
  • Saint Peter is crucified upside down. Engraving by C. Tinti, 1784, after G. Reni.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Lithograph by J. Dickson after Cesare da Sesto.
  • The crucifixion of Christ; the three Maries lament. Etching by W. Unger after R. van der Weyden.
  • Louisa Mabreé, a French midwife being executed in a cage full of cats above a fire. Coloured aquatint.
  • Lady Jane Grey is led to her execution, handing over her table-book to Sir John Gage. Line engraving with etching by Warren after W. Hamilton, 1802.
  • Kowloon, Hong Kong: five pirates awaiting beheading, while Chinese soldiers and dignitaries line up behind. Photograph, 1891.
  • Christ carries his cross to Golgotha. Etching by H. Kipp after J.F. Overbeck, 1846.
  • Saint Mary Magdalene clasps her hands before the crucified Christ. Watercolour painting.
  • The crucifixion of Christ; Saint John and the four women lament. Engraving by Wierix after A. Dürer, 1509.
  • Christ presented to the people. Etching with engraving by Jacques Callot.
  • An elephant killing an Indian criminal by stamping on his head; guards standing next to it. Wood engraving by A.F.  Pannemaker, 1875, after E. Bayard after L. Rousselet.
  • Saint John the Baptist: Salome holding his severed head on a charger. Etching by F. Huot, 1787, after P. Bordone.
  • Torture and execution of alleged plague carriers in Milan, 1630. Engraving.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Stipple engraving by W. French after C. Dolci.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Line engraving by Rivers, 1813, after G. Douw.
  • James Graham Marquess of Montrose about to mount the ladder to the gibbet in the marketplace of Edinburgh. Wood engraving by C. Roberts.
  • Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Pencil drawing.
  • The decapitation of Saint John the Baptist. Wood engraving by C.A. Zscheckel after Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld.
  • M0006328: Chinese model of "Death by a hundred cuts"
  • China: a woman sentenced to execution by strangulation for murdering her husband. Photograph, 19--.
  • The martyrdom of Saint Agnes: she is stabbed, and an angel receives the martyr's palm from Christ for bestowal upon her. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, c. 1830, after D. Zampieri, il Domenichino.
  • A man being tortured and executed in public. Gouache drawing.
  • The crucifixion of Christ; beneath the cross are positioned the four Maries, a soldier and a horse. Coloured lithograph by F.S. Hanfstaengl after P. Caliari, il Veronese.
  • The three holy women before the crucified Christ. Watercolour painting.
  • A Chinese man is being led to execution by four men. Wood engraving, 1857.
  • Taiping Rebellion, China: the place in Guangzhou where people were executed. Wood engraving after W.G. Dickson, 1855.