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  • Navajo sand-painting, negative made from postcard, "All publication rights reserved. Apply to J.R. Willis, Gallup, N.M. Kodaks-Art Goods" (U.S.A.)
  • Obsidian blade mounted in ornamental handle, from Admiralty
  • Woodens clubs from Figi
  • Images related to Kenyan dart-poison
  • Ge Guoluo (Ge Lolo) family carrying loads. The woman holds a spindle in her hand to indicate that the tribe uses the fibres of the ge plant for spinning, from .
  • Pozi (Poren) looking civilized.
  • Amulets of ivory, Belgian Congo, Africa.
  • Melville island man and a larakia woman
  • Woodens clubs from New Ireland & Duke of York Ireland
  • Amuletic objects of stone to ensure fertility, Bolivia. In the form of a group of animals. Photographed to show their heads.
  • Lama. Two monks of the Lama tribe selling beads.
  • Chinese manuscript Yun-nan ying chih Miao-Man t'u ts'e.
  • Kundaite, a witch finder and a Kundaite
  • Chinese manuscript Yun-nan ying chih Miao-Man t'u t'se.
  • Iron staff surmounted by pellet balls and grotesque figures. African [?]
  • Set of bottles for holding scent or other preparations
  • Pattens (2) worn as a protection against Guinea-worm. Africa.
  • Bangongo or Magician, who discovers by divination suitable methods of treatment, Congo.
  • Posterior view of cranium deformed according to fashion
  • Amuletic necklace, Bear claws and red trade beads.
  • Cupit hung across mouth of tributary stream to prohibit all comers from ascending the stream.
  • Hei Guoluo (Black Lolo) family, possibly on their way to market.
  • Woodens clubs from the New Hebrides:
  • WMS OR Chinese MS 103
  • Skull of a cave bear(ursus spelaeus), found in a cavern at Nebresima near Trieste; skull now in Museo Civico, Trieste.
  • Amuletic necklet, made of bones of relative, Andaman Islands
  • Scraper of stone mounted in handle
  • Posterior view of cranium deformed according to fashion
  • Gut Enema, Eskimo. Exhibit, Hall of Primitive Medicine
  • Hall and McKenney, History of the Indian..., mother and child