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  • A distressed woman leaning on a tombstone in a deserted graveyard. Etching with engraving by John Browne.
  • John Evelyn's monument in Wotton, Surrey. Engraving.
  • Crimean War: Florence Nightingale and Mr Bracebridge at Cathcart's Hill burial ground. Tinted lithograph after W. Simpson.
  • Mandala of black and white Mahākālas. Distemper painting by a Tibetan painter.
  • Gentlemen carrying torches visiting catacombs in Paris. Coloured aquatint by R.B. Peake.
  • A distressed young woman leaning on a dilapidated wall in a graveyard. Etching with engraving.
  • The inside of a hut in a morai, place of burial and worship, in Atooi (Kauai); encountered by Captain Cook on his third voyage (1777-1780). Engraving by E. Scott, 1784, after J. Webber.
  • The grave of John Keats in the Protestant cemetery of Rome, Italy. Etching by J.L. Chapman, 1863.
  • Bodysnatchers in a church cemetery disturbed by the braying of an ass. Mezzotint, 1771.
  • Hong Kong: the Protestant Cemetery, Happy Valley. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • A monk and a statue of Saint Patrick trying to prevent the devil from snatching the corpse of a witch from its grave. Watercolour by E. Bell, 1804.
  • Afia-Too-Ca, a burying place in Tongatapu, Tonga, with three people, several huts and surrounding palm trees. Coloured line engraving by W. Byrne, c. 1777, after W. Hodges.
  • Crimean War: cityscape view of hospital and cemetary at Scutari. Coloured lithograph by E. Walker after W. Simpson.
  • The funeral of Sir Hector MacDonald in Edinburgh. Gouache drawing by F. C. Dickinson after J. Faulds.
  • Istanbul: the lesser burial ground attended by veiled women mourners, the Golden Horn in the background. Coloured lithograph by Henry Cooke, ca. 1860.
  • Beirut: veiled women in a burial ground. Coloured aquatint by J. Jeakes after D. Orme after F.B. Spilsbury, 1803.
  • Two men placing the shrouded corpse which they have just disinterred into a sack while Death, as a nightwatchman holding a lantern, grabs one of the grave-robbers from behind. Coloured drawing by T. Rowlandson, 1775.
  • Crimean War, Balaklava: graves at the harbour. Coloured lithograph by C. Haghe, 1855, after W. Simpson.
  • Sycamore tree (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) in a graveyard near Reading, Berkshire. Soft-ground etching by W. Delamotte, c. 1806, after W. Havell.
  • An alchemist concentrates on a book in his study, while Death next to him tells him "My dear Herr Collaborator, you are are too hardworking". Gouache painting.
  • Hong Kong: the Parsee Cemetery, Happy Valley. Photograph by W.P. Floyd, ca. 1873.
  • Jacob is taken to the cave in the field of Machpelah by a mournful procession; he wants to die in the spot bought by Abraham. Etching by L. du Guernier after L. Chéron.
  • The wife of the keeper of the burying ground near Valenciennes standing outside the gate of the cemetery. Coloured aquatint, 1817.
  • St Pancras Wells, King's Cross, London: view showing St Pancras church, and the Wells in the background. Engraving by J. Roberts after J.B.C. Chatelain.
  • Boer War: five graves of officers killed during the siege of Mafeking (Mahikeng). Halftone, c. 1900.
  • A bereaved mother mourning her dead daughter in a graveyard, stricken with remorse for having treated her harshly in her lifetime. Engraving by R.L. Wright.
  • Report to Her Majesty's principal secretary of state for the Home Department from the Poor Law Commissioners, on an inquiry into the sanitary condition of the labouring population of Great Britain; with appendices. Presented to both Houses of Parliament, by command of Her Majesty, July, 1842 / [by Edwin Chadwick].
  • Regensburg (Ratisbon), Bavaria, Germany: bird's eye view of the town with an ornamental frame showing scenes from the plague. Etching by J.A. Fridrich with printed text.
  • The cemetery of Nagasaki. Wood engraving.
  • Ancient cemetery at Petra. Coloured lithograph by Louis Haghe after David Roberts, 1849.