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  • Basic care of cats and kittens / The Cats Protection League.
  • The risen Christ shares supper with two men at Emmaus. Etching by R. Delaunay after P. Caliari, il Veronese.
  • A young physician feeling the pulse of a young woman, a painting of two lovers in the background suggests her illness maybe lovesickness. Lithograph by L.E. Soulange-Teissier, 1850, after P.L.A.A. Terral.
  • Junior cat care manual / Cats Protection League.
  • Six figures passing the time with various entertainments. Mezzotint by J. Wilson, 1771, after G.M. Kraus.
  • A couple hovering off the ground being observed by a huge goat with two cats. Etching by F. Goya, 1796/1798.
  • A monkey barber-surgeon's establishment. Oil painting after David Teniers the younger.
  • What if YOUR pet has fleas? / Bayer.
  • A monster representing an influenza virus hitting a man over the head as he sits in his armchair. Pen and ink drawing by E. Noble, c. 1918.
  • The evolution of a cat into an old woman, and her stool into a dog into a man in a cage into her skirt; representing Darwin's theories. Wood engraving after C. Bennett, 1863.
  • Worm control in dogs and cats / Sherley's Ltd.
  • A woman doctor bandaging a young woman's hand. Mezzotint, 1787.
  • A tooth-drawer extracting a tooth from a fashionable and rich lady, while his black assistant and her white maid attend. Etching.
  • Caring for your pet / Seven Seas Veterinary Division.
  • A doctor diagnosing a cat with mumps and prescribing a remedy. Wash drawing, 18--.
  • The Cats Protection League : Registered charity no. 203644 : 5 minute guide.
  • A male-midwife suggestively examines an attractive pregnant woman, her disgruntled husband is led out of the room by a servant. Line engraving, 1773.
  • Rabies: a cat and a dog, at risk of bringing rabies into the British Isles from Spain or Latin America. Colour lithograph, 1976.
  • Street vendors on the Seine in Paris: a pet-groomer, a shoe shiner, and a bookstall. Coloured lithograph, 183-.
  • The Virgin reads her Bible as the angel appears with the Holy Spirit. Engraving by J. Collaert after J. Straet.
  • A tooth-drawer extracting a tooth from a fashionable and rich lady, while his black assistant and her white maid attend. Etching.
  • Four human faces and one cat's face: sketches. Drawing.
  • All about worms in cats and dogs : the answers to your questions / Sherley's Ltd.
  • A winged devil figure riding on a cat awakening some monks by blowing on them. Etching by F. Goya, 1796/1798.
  • Three cats performing a song and dance act. Gouache by Louis Wain, 1925/1939.
  • A code of conduct for pet owners / Pedigree Petfoods.
  • A haggard old woman taking a large file to the corns on her feet. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1800, after himself.
  • "85% of cats and dogs over the age of four are affected by periodontal disease" British Veterinary Dental Association : prevention starts at £2.99 and is available from your local pet shop / Beaphar Sherley's.
  • Sherley's guide to flea control : flea-free guarantee only from Sherley's : using the 4 step plan / Sherley's Ltd.
  • A cat running. Collotype after Eadweard Muybridge, 1887.