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  • Adam Walker, a natural philosopher, performing scientific experiments. Coloured etching after J. Gillray, 1796.
  • Two women using machinery in the making of candles. Wood engraving by E. Bourdelin.
  • Three Dutch men drink and smoke round a barrel-table, behind man exits the room. Engraving by P. C. Canot, 18th century, after a painting by D. Teniers, the younger.
  • Three men drinking in the light of a flame held by a boy. Aquatint by A. Bissell, c. 1800, after J. Trautmann.
  • An anatomical dissection by Pieter Pauw in the Leiden anatomy theatre. Engraving by Andries Stock after a drawing by Jacques de Gheyn II, 1615.
  • The Virgin Mary carried to the grave by the apostles. Etching.
  • Florence Nightingale. Coloured mezzotint by C.A.Tomkins, 1855, after J. Butterworth.
  • The circumcision of Christ. Engraving by A. Mochetti supposedly after N. Poussin.
  • An astrologer wearing spectacles sits in his study reading by a globe. Line engraving by G.L. Heitel (?) after J.J. Vliet, 1634.
  • Christ, with a sword in his mouth, between seven candlesticks; representing a stage in the alchemical process. Coloured etching after etching, 1772/3.
  • A tooth-drawer in his practice extracting a tooth from a seated patient who is surrounded by friends and family holding candles. Engraving by D.J. Pound after G. van Honthorst.
  • A naked man lies with his eyes closed with one foot touching a lit candle held by a golden cupid; he lies on his side floating above an array of gold gift-wrapped presents among other items with one arm raised towards a glowing gold star with a gold cloud bearing a cupid, a personified gold moon and a falling teddy bear; includes the message in French: 'AIDS is not dying once; we die of indifference every day'; one of a series of posters by the AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz/Aide Suisse contre le SIDA/Aiuto AIDS Svizerro. Colour lithograph by Etienne Francey and Daniel Ammann.
  • Christ appears to Saint John the Evangelist with eyes aflame and a sword in his mouth. Woodcut, 15--.
  • Michelangelo drawing from an anatomized cadaver. Photogravure after M. J. A. Mercié.
  • A drunken party with men smoking, sleeping and falling to the floor. Engraving by W. Hogarth, 1731, after himself.
  • The Annunciation to the Virgin, who reads from the Bible. Engraving by S.A. Bolswert after P.P. Rubens.
  • Joseph and Mary hold the Christ child before his circumcision. Lithograph by Pablo Guglielmi after L. Costa.
  • Las Casas sick with a fever being taken care of by two Peruvian indians. Tinted aquatint.
  • Two men studying a corpse by the light of a candle stuck in its chest. Etching after a drawing attributed to Polidoro Caldara (Polidoro da Caravaggio).
  • Christ is circumcised in a crowded church. Engraving by A. Sadeler after J. Speckaert.
  • A wife dutifully sits by the bedside of her sick husband, watching over him. Mezzotint by J.C. Bromley, 1837, after E. Prentis.
  • A surgeon treating a patient's foot, in the background another surgeon is examining a patient in a surgery. Line engraving by F.A. Schröder after A. Brouwer.
  • Georgian gentlemen smoking, drinking and reading newspapers at their club. Coloured aquatint by John Caspar Ziegler after George Moutard Woodward, published by William Holland, 1798.
  • Three men (sailors?) sit at a table smoking pipes and drinking. Lithograph, early 19th century.
  • A man conducts an alchemical experiment with an alembic, in the foreground, in the background a female figure representing the world observes a man of the new school of chemistry who prepares an oxygen experiment with a glass jar and a candle: a representation of the historical transition between alchemy and chemistry. Coloured stipple engraving by J. Chapman, 1805, after R. Corbould.
  • A surgeon treating a patient's foot, in the background another surgeon is examining a patient in a surgery. Lithograph after A. Brouwer.
  • The evil effects of intemperance on a man and his family. Lithograph by Alvey, c. 1840, after T.C. Wilson.
  • A woman surgeon and her assistant cupping a patient. Oil painting after Cornelis Dusart.
  • Florence Nightingale. Mezzotint by C.A. Tomkins, 1855, after J. Butterworth.
  • A drunken party with men smoking, sleeping and falling to the floor. Engraving after W. Hogarth.