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  • Metals: interior of a copper and brass works. Aquatint by J. Hill after Pyne & Nattes.
  • Moses points to the brazen serpent while his people writhe on the ground, besieged by fiery serpents. Etching by G. Cooke, 1816, after C. le Brun.
  • Royal College of Physicians, Warwick Lane, London: the entrance viewed from the north, when used as a brassfoundry. Wood engraving, 1866.
  • Moses presents his brazen serpent to the people. Woodcut after Robert Anning Bell, c. 1890.
  • Metals: interior view of a brass foundry, and manufacture of brass products. Etching.
  • Moses points to the brazen serpent while his people carry their wounded towards it. Etching.
  • Moses and Eleazar show the brazen serpent before the writhing multitude afflicted with snake-bites. Engraving by S. à Bolswert after P.P. Rubens, ca. 1635-40.
  • A brass jar worker. Gouache drawing.
  • People writhe in pain among the fiery serpents as Moses produces the brazen serpent. Line engraving after F. Fenzoni.
  • Moses and Eleazar reveal the brazen serpent to the people afflicted with snakebite. Lithograph by A. Blanco after P.P. Rubens.
  • As people collapse with snake bites, Moses brings out the brazen serpent. Woodcut.