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  • Bodleian Library, Oxford: interior panoramic view. Line engraving by G. Hollis after J.C. Buckler.
  • A lady, with her maid, consults an apothecary in his workroom, for a love philtre (?). Coloured lithograph, c.1850.
  • The physician as Christ. Line engraving after H. Goltzius.
  • The British Museum: the Additional Library, in the north wing of the museum, looking from west to east towards the reading rooms. Engraving by Radclyffe after L. Jewitt.
  • Astronomy: an astronomer in his study, looking out of the window with a telescope. Engraving by C. Grignion after S. Wale.
  • An alchemist in his untidy laboratory. Etching by L. Le Grand after T. Wyck.
  • The Wellcome Building, Euston Road, London: the Reading Room after reconstruction of the Library in 1962, facing east. Photograph.
  • Cabinet-making: library bookcases surrounding a door. Engraving by E. Turrell after H. Whitaker, 1848.
  • The medical practitioner appearing as an angel when he has started to heal sick people. Coloured engraving by Johann Gelle after E. van Panderen.
  • A busy street corner with traders stopping for a tankard of beer and an artist painting a pub sign. Engraving, c. 1751, after W. Hogarth.
  • Clarendon Building, Oxford: panoramic view with the Bodleian Library and Sheldonian Theatre. Line engraving.
  • A physiognomist whose body is entirely made up of faces, sitting at a table diagnosing people's physiognomic characteristics with the help of a book. Coloured lithograph by G.E. Madeley after G. Spratt, 1831.
  • An old man discourses with a woman with a bird on her head; representing dialectic. Engraving by C. Cort, 1565, after F. Floris, c. 1557.
  • A short dentist (standing on a stool) extracting a tooth from an extremely tall lady who in her agony kicks over his work table. Coloured etching by G. Cruikshank, 1821, after A.E.
  • The British Museum: the Large Room (North  Library), with many visitors. Wood engraving, 1851.
  • A medical practitioner examining a urine flask and referring to a book Engraving by J.B. Tardieu after D. Teniers.
  • Astronomy: an astronomer [?] in his study, holding a globe. Lithograph by C. Hullmandel after Grattan.
  • An alchemist concentrates on a book in his study, while Death next to him tells him "My dear Herr Collaborator, you are are too hardworking". Gouache painting.
  • A philosopher in his study, reading a book containing a print of a skeleton. Etching by J.A. von Prenner, 1728, after C. Paudiss.
  • Dear Janet, We were recently amazed to learn that a group of supporters of London Lighthouse had quietly been putting together a remarkable limited edition book exclusively for the benefir of the centre / Jason Clapperton, Fundraising Department.
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford: Duke Humfrey's library with a man studying. Line engraving by J. Le Keux after F. Mackenzie.
  • Paulo Purganti, a physician shrinking from his wife's caresses. Mezzotint.
  • A scholar in his study. Engraving by N.J. Voyez after G. Dou.
  • The god Jupiter flanked by two scholars with winged heads and glasses. Engraving by E. Delaune, ca. 1560.
  • The death of the Duke of Wellington, with doctors gathered around him. Wood engraving by J.L. Williams after J. Gilbert, 1852.
  • Cabinet-making: designs for a bookcase. Etching by J. Verchère after himself, 1880.
  • A hunchbacked physician talking to a patient who has a deformed hip. Engraving.
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford: interior panoramic view with key. Line engraving.
  • The Virgin Mary with angels and Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino and Saint Euphemia. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, c. 1830, after S. Cantarini.
  • Booksellers' Provident Retreat, Abbots Langley: perspective view. Coloured lithograph.