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  • Bookbinding: large and small book presses, and their constituent parts. Engraving by Benard after Lucotte.
  • Christ's Hospital, London: one of the boys standing beside a table, his hand on some books, the exterior of the New Hall behind. Colour lithograph after J. Cristall.
  • A man reads a book while his wife cuts his toenails. Coloured etching after G. Piattoli, c. 1800.
  • A scholar sits in his study reading by a globe. Line engraving by G. Longhi after J. Swebach-Desfontaines after S. Koninck.
  • Matthias Schenck, aged 24, wearing a sword and holding a book in his right hand. Line engraving.
  • Radcliffe Camera, Oxford: interior of the library showing study areas. Coloured aquatint by J. Bluck, 1813, after F. Mackenzie.
  • Personifications of medicine, pharmacy and surgery. Oil painting after (?) Nicolas de Larmessin.
  • A philosopher in his study, reading a book containing a print of a skeleton. Etching by J.A. von Prenner, 1728, after C. Paudiss.
  • The risen Christ shows his lance wound to Saint Thomas. Engraving by J. Sturt.
  • An abstinent gentleman is read to in the park by a boy. Lithograph, c. 1840, after T. Wilson.
  • Theodora de Verdion, an eccentric teacher of languages, a book seller and collector of medals. Engraving, 1803.
  • Pietro Paola Tanaron. Line engraving by J. Lapi, 1768, after A. Piattoli.
  • A bearded man walking the streets with his hat under his arm deeply engrossed in reading a book. Etching by J.T. Smith, 1815.
  • A busy street corner with traders stopping for a tankard of beer and an artist painting a pub sign. Engraving, c. 1751, after W. Hogarth.
  • Cabinet-making: design for a glass-fronted bookcase. Etching by J. Verchère after himself.
  • A gouty man startled by death; represented as a skeletal figure wielding an arrow. Mezzotint, 1794.
  • An alchemist poring over a book, on his table stand an hour-glass, a skull, and an astrological globe. Engraving by J.N. Tardieu after D. Teniers the younger, 1640/1650.
  • A sick man mixing a dose of medicine for himself from a book. Mezzotint by H. Dawe, 1824, after M.W. Sharp.
  • A professor asking a medical student his prognosis for a particular case. Coloured process print, 1900.
  • An excited physician examining a urine specimen and referring to a book, while the patient waits for the diagnosis, two assistants are mixing concoctions in the background. Mezzotint by J.B. Enzensberger after D. Teniers, the younger.
  • A physician examining a urine specimen in which a faint figure of a baby is visible, a female patient is crying and being shouted at by her angry mother, indicating that she is pregnant. Watercolour by I.T., 1826.
  • King's College, London: the interior of the theatre on prizegiving day. Engraving by H. Melville after T. H. Shepherd, ca. 1841.
  • The Royal Institution, Albemarle Street: the library. Coloured aquatint by J. C. Stadler, 1800, after A. C. Pugin and T. Rowlandson.
  • A winged figure of Death stands in front of a prostrate skeleton and tears out the pages of a book while a crowd of people watch him. Etching by Marco Dente (Marco da Ravenna) after Baccio Bandinelli.
  • A physician, in his surgery and workshop, examining a urine flask and referring to a book. Engraving by J.P. Le Bas after D. Teniers.
  • Cabinet-making: designs for a bookcase. Etching by J. Verchère after himself, 1880.
  • Eucharius Roeslin presenting his book on maternity to a pregnant Duchess of Brunswick. Woodcut.
  • A sick man at home in bed discussing his case with three physicians. Watercolour by T. Müller.
  • A physician talking to a patient about his illness, the patient is holding a basket containing a urine flask. Engraving.
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford: two panoramic views of the interior and a key. Line engraving by D. Loggan after himself.